Acoustic demo

Hey, guys, so, I created something of a demo acoustic guitar recording, even though I simply swapped open and barre chords with power chords for one Lithuanian song, because I thought why not? The strumming pattern is basically 8 notes downstrum, but on the last chords I divide it, so for example, for intro and choruses is G5 to F5 to E5 (twice) to F5 (twice) to G5 (four times), i.e.:

G5 (D-D-D-D D-D-D-D) F5 (D-D-D-D D-D-D-D) E5 (D-D) F5 (D-D) G5 (D-D-D-D), and for choruses would be:

F#5 (D-D-D-D D-D-D-D) G5 (D-D-D-D) A5 (D-D-D-D), and for outro… well, the outro was not finished, because I did not figure out what to do with it, so I simply winged it, and it was meh.

On the first three beats in intro and verses the power chords are palm muted, except for when the division is made, in that case, I decided to palm mute E5 and F5 as well.

Um, and, I await your critique.

Hi Aurimas,

may I ask what’s your intention with this chord progression? I.e. working out an accompaniment for that tune or just some fun stuff and playing around? Just curious here. :smiley:

Two things I noticed: There’s some buzz going on, especially upon chord changes and secondly, I’m not sure, whether you’re keeping time here. If you are just playing around with a progression, the latter is not such a big deal, but if you want to play it as a real song, I would advice playing to metronome or drum track, whatever preferred and slow it a little down until you get the changes nice and clean. :slight_smile:

Palm muting sounded quite good to me. And I like the dark, mellow tone of your acoustic! Nice. :slight_smile: Also, this is a cool kind of practicing a lot of skills at once. Palm mutes, Power chord changes/slides, all down strum patterns. Keep it going, you’ll get a lot out of these playful things! :slight_smile:

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Hey, Lisa,

the intention was simply to transform song chords from open/barre to power chords with a different strumming pattern. You could say I was just mucking around with it.

Yeah, acoustic is not entirely properly set up and strings need changing (it’s been more than a year since I’ve changed them), so there’s buzzing at random places. Can’t do anything about that at the moment.

Regarding keeping time, I will record one part of the verse and chorus (since they repeat themselves throughout) with different BPMs when I have the time today. Thought that I’m keeping it steady, we’ll see.

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So, I did parts of the song at three different speeds (80, 90 (the original speed) and 100). And, as for myself, I can hear the difference in speeds between 80 and 100, e.g.: (80) [Intro/verse; not full] (80) [Chorus] (90) [Intro/verse] (90) [Chorus] (100) [Intro/verse] (100) [Chorus]