Acoustic guitar neck width and the buzzy on the top string from how I grip

Does anyone else have difficulty with buzzy sound from the way they grip the guitar neck. On the one hand it keeps it stable on the other I frequently buzz the top string with my palm, where my index finger meets the palm of my hand. To avoid that I come more underneath but then I have less grip stability.

Maybe a different width guitar neck would help? I’m a later stage beginner lol.

Are you relying on your left (fretting) hand to support the weight of the guitar neck? Ideally, you shouldn’t need the left hand to stabilise the guitar. The guitar should remain stably in place without you even touching the guitar neck.

This way you can position your left hand so it doesn’t touch the high-e string.

Btw, I achieve this with my acoustic by resting it on my left leg (I play sitting) with my right (strumming) arm draped over the lower bout. With the electric, which is heavier and harder to hold steady with my right arm, I use a strap, even while sitting.


The answer is all in how you grip the guitar to fret chords. The right grip for a beginner and the right grip for you to settle in with are two different things. That said, as a beginner buy Justin’s beginner courseware and practice with the grip that he describes and illustrates so well. If I recall correctly it is thumb behind the neck, and it simply takes practice to get it right.

Personally, I tend to “palm” the neck so that my thumb can reach over to the low E string for muting when needed. At the same time muting the high E with my palm can be a good thing at times as the high E can be somewhat brittle, and at the very least muting the high E is not the worst thing in the world. Muting without buzzing is something to work up to as well.


When I was first learning, a much more experienced guitar playing friend put me on to a guitar with a wider neck. The common size is 1 11/16 inches and he put me onto one with 1 3/4 inch nut size. I was amazed at the difference it made for my playing. Chords that were previously extremely difficult were only just difficult. Try out different sizes to see how it suits you.

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Thank you. Very kind community here. Appreciate it.

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Thank you. I’m amazed at the kindness here and people taking the time to help.

Thank you kindly. I noticed that my thumb was going parallel to the neck. I have worked at keeping it more at rt angles. Appreciate the time you took. All the best.