Acoustic Guitar Slide

Hi, I want to get a small( diameter) slide for pinkie use, but long enough to cover all/most of strings. Probably going to buy online as music shops are in short supply near me
Any ideas/thoughts?

diy store brass pipe? glass tube of some sort?

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 3.21.46 PM
Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 3.18.59 PM
Here is a couple of options.

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I only ‘try’ to play slide.
But I do got one.
The one I use is just like ya say. Fits over my pinky, slides up to my middle knuckle.
It works.
No idea where I got it. Likely at a music store. It’s metal and chrome plated on the outside. Nice and smooth.

In lieu of that. I’ve seen slides for sale at my cities glass pipe/tye dye t-shirt store. I’ve not got one since every time I stop in, their all sold out of them. Maybe ya got a store like that by where you live too?

In lieu of that. Have ya checked on line about making your own out of a glass bottle. There’s youtubes that show ya just how to do it. I’ve not tried it though. But I do have two empty bottles that I’ve saved as likely candidates to give it a try on.

I’m pretty sure anything that’s like a tube will work as a slide. Your bic lighter? :wink:

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My ideas/thoughts would be to recommend keeping an open mind by buying an assortment of slides and sizes. Make it a journey of discovery. You may have preconceived notions that might not be practical or optimal for you as you get going.

After trying a number of slides and styles, I settled on a glass slide (the JIM DUNLOP 273 Blues Bottle Slide) on the ring finger:
Ride The Crimson Wave

EDIT: I ordered a few slides online. Too easy.

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Its vital that you find one that fits. You see so many vids where the slide is too long or unstabe as it is too wide.

I use

It really improved my playing

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Thanks, just used the link, but shop is closed ‘for a few days’. Will give them another look next week. Thanks for the recommendation :+1:

Looks great! What is it??:thinking:

Looks great . . What is it?:thinking:

It’s called pocketknife slide.

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Thanks, I’ll have a look on Google :+1:

I would recommend trying differnt materials and maybe give the ring finger a try too.
I play more matall slide on electric and glass on accoustic.
And good online store have a note on the inner diameter so you can measure our finger.

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