Acoustic guitar volume surprise, are semi-acoustics as loud?

My electric guitar (Fender Strat) is in the shop for some maintenance and I’ve been using my daughters accoustic guitar so I don’t go cold turkey. :sweat_smile:

First observation: oh boy, is that thing loud!? I know that’s the intention, but still … I typically do my practice early in the morning while the rest of the family still sleeps and I just don’t use my amp with my Strat; no complaints so far. This morning however, my daughter informed me she could hear me playing upstairs in her room.

Second observation: I quite like the sound! Some songs, like “Hey Joe” and “Ain’t no sunshine”, in particular.

Third observation: the nylon strings take some getting used to.

I’m thinking about a semi-accoustic for my next guitar, but are they as loud un-amplified? Any good suggestions for a decent -500€ model?

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Hi Lodewijk,

Yes, acoustic guitars are also fun to play :slight_smile:

Do you mean an acoustic-electric or a hollow-body electric? I’ve recently purchased an Epiphone Casino which is a fully hollow-body electric for c. 740 €. In your price range, you may want to check out some Ibanez models as their product range is pretty wide.

When played without plugging in, its volume is somewhat lower than that of acoustic guitars. It’s good for practicing chords and scales, but if you want to work on hammer-ons or flick-offs, for example, then you are better of plugging in as you will need less effort for those techniques to sound good.

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I would suggest anything from this selection from Thomann:

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I have one of these:

ESP ltd TL-6N
It is a nylon electric, semi hollow. Hybrid, nut is like 48mm.

Pretty nice, though it doesn’t really sound like a decent classical acoustic guitar, it is pretty quiet for playing at night and plugs in well.

I probably will sell mine, in favor of a regular classical nylon acoustic, but it has been a good step for me.

You could always try a sound hole cover to see if it mutes the guitar enough to accomplish what you’re looking for.

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Sound hole covers are for feed back when an acoustic is plugged in. They to very little to quiet the guitar.


I know what its purpose is. But my brother and I were playing together on identical guitars, his with a cover and mine without, and mine was noticeably louder.

A cover is cheap, thought it might be worth a try.

Check out this topic…

Thanks for the feedback and input, everybody. A semi-hollow electric looks like the best compromise, IMO. A hollow-body electric might still be ‘too loud’ for my purposes.

I might consider a Gretsch Streamliner. Any advice or feedback on that?