Acoustic String Choices for Beginners?

Very interesting discussion. I did not know about silk and steel strings, I will have to check them out.

What I actually use now is Ernie Balls Earthwood Rock and Blues acoustic strings. These have a plain (i.e. non-wound) G string, which is much thinner and easier to bend than a normal (wound) G string. They also have light e and B strings (.010 and .013), but slightly beefier D, A and E strings. Anyway, I love 'em because I can (try to) play acoustic versions of the lead stuff I have (sort of) learned on electric.

I sent out a quick note to Taylor to see what strings originally came with the guitar. Its weird too since I put on the coated strings I’m tending to get more buzzing, I thought it would be just the opposite. Seems like I have to press down extra hard, its even happening when I am using the capo as well.

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If you are getting more buzzing, maybe the string tension was different enough to require a truss rod adjustment.

If, in playing position, you hold the string down at the 1st and 12th fret, there should be just barely enough space under the string at the 6th fret to slide a business card under it (rough measure). You can use a pick under the A string to hold the E string down and free up a hand.

If it is not close to this, adjusting the truss rod will bring your set up back closer to where it was.

Too much space, tighten (righty) and too little space loosen (lefty). Usually an Allen wrench at the heel. Small adjustments (1/8 - 1/4 turn at a time, retune, remeasure).

If it looks ok, you may just need to get used to the new strings. If I play my electric or nylon guitars for a week, I buzz for a bit when I pick up the steel string because I am using the wrong pressure.

Maybe just get used to it, but I’ll check the clearance. Thanks

Elixer strings have a lower tension than most major brands when tuned to pitch and Taylor ships their guitars with Elixers. As far as the guitar neck is concerned, it’s like having lighter gauge strings installed. So if you had another brand of strings installed, even the same gauge, and then switched back to Elixers, that is likely why you’re getting a buzz. I bought a 317 about 6 months ago and had them change the Elixers for Martins before I left the store, which they did free of charge.

You guys change strings?? :rofl:

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DR Sunbeams 11-50 or 12-54. They’re round-core phosphor bronze, easy on the fingers.

Little comment of somebody like me, who changed down strings from 12 to 10. From your technical point of view, you’re surely right. But : In my case I really had big trouble in the first fret, tried for weeks and almost lost motivation, because the guitar was so hard to play. Changed down to 10. What a difference that was! I admit, that the sound of my guitar, which was very powerful, also reduced intensity, but that’s worth it for the moment. Strings have a little more buzz sometimes, but are much more playable for me. Later on, with more experience, I’ll go back to a heavier gauge.