Acoustic tuning

Been trying to play for a year now, slow going, got stiff small fingers, that don’t reach 3 frets, but thing is my acoustic is tuned but does’nt sound anything like the experts, I am 70yrs old , have the patience to keep going, but not going to spend hundreds of pounds on better gear. Anyone else have these problems ? Thanks

It is possible that

  • You press the strings too hard, sharpening some notes?
  • Your guitar could use some work on the intonation? play the 12th fret on a string and check your tuner, does it play the same note “fairly” accurate? (example, play an open A string and then fret the 12th note on the string, is it still an A note? (but octave higher of course)
  • Your strings need a replacement because they are old and oxidated?
  • could you perhaps make a little recording?

You can always take it in to the luthier or tech and see what they think.

However, after nearly two years, I wouldn’t compare anything I do to the “experts”. I ain’t there yet.

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Hi Eric. I agree with Lieven. Could you make and post a recording/video of you playing a few chords? That would give us a better idea of what, if anything, is wrong.