Activity Limits for new users

Limits - I am sure I saw something in the Discourse blurb but can these be more obvious for folk who have just arrived here. At the moment I know there are light sensors all over the floor but it would be nice to see them before I trigger the alarms and get more detention.

These activity limits are merely an anti-spam measure.
We are yet to find out how prone this will be to spam before putting mechanics like that into place.

Good you thought of this though.
According to Google, there should be some parameters to limit new users.

Maybe something for the New Here section or part of the Community Guidelines ?

update; new users get trust level 0 now we are out of bootstrap mode.
Going to review the users levels, especially the level 0.
I must find a good balance between security and smooth user experience coming into this Community.


My gut feelings is that the restrictions on L0 are about right. I think, if there is an issue, it’s more about users understanding these restrictions, and that they are temporary.

I’m not sure if there’s a way to communicate this easily to new users.



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Maybe needs to be part of the launch communique, in respect of the crossover ?

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FYI: Trust Level defaults are slightly altered and documented here