Actor Jeff Daniels: surprisingly good guitarist

During my guitar practice time today, while I was changing guitars I put YouTube on auto play, where it just plays random videos (and keeps my computer from going into hibernation.) This video of actor Jeff Daniels playing and singing a song he wrote (I’ve since learned that he’s a prolific song writer) on Kelly Clarkson’s show came up. I was amazed.


He has a signature Martin.
Note the 12th fret inlays.


hah looks nice! not so cheap haha

A lot of people in the acting area have grown up in creative households and often do dancing/singing/playing instruments along with that

Rather than the rest of us that get crushed by school/work :confused:


thanks for sharing that, what a great performance

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Your best friend, the guitar :heart_eyes: Love song to your guitar :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It’s okay… you don’t have to be any good :joy:

better than chocolate :heart:
Thanks for sharing Mark :sunflower:

I love my guitar. I’m not very good. So when do I get to play on national television with Kelly Clarkson?

Oh yes! I remember watching a series he was in, can’t remember the name but he plays a prime time news broadcaster (pretty good series actually), and in one of the episodes he picks up a guitar and plays a song to his kid. It was apparent that was really playing and not "acting’. I was both surprised and impressed.

That series is called “The Newsroom” and it really was good.

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I have heard him play before, but I loved that song.

I’m waiting to see @TheMadman_tobyjenner pull that one off


I took one look at that and just thought why ? Could not bring myself to hit play as she looks so unhappy ! :scream:

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I think she is going for, mean and moody.