Adam Savage Receives a Custom Guitar


Any Mythbusters fans? I loved it growing up. I’ve always loved science, and building and tinkering with things. So, it was a natural fit.

Adam Savage, one of the hosts, still maintains a public presence via YouTube and other projects. He has an amazing shop where it seems he could build anything from a wooden spoon to a rocket ship. (His background is building practical effects for TV and film.)

In this episode, he received a gift from a fan who is a luthier, a custom built acoustic guitar! The wood is even locally sourced from old structures. It also involves carbon composite parts. It made me think of this community. So, check it out below!


Its a gorgeous instrument they seem to make some great guitars.

Adam really loves it too.

It wasnt in tune.

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That much is certain. :rofl:

Did he blow it up in the end?


That was more like Brainiac type of thing where they exploded caravans at the end of each episode or used termite to see what else can it go through or how quickly :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Mythbuster fans around? Here’s one! I had withdrawal symptoms when the series stopped. :grin:
Good to see that Adam’s still around. Where’s the wallrus though?

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Just for giggles, I looked at the website for Muiderman Guitars. (I think that’s the luthier who gifted Adam Savage the guitar). Pricing for an acoustic begins at $12,500 USD. That was quite a gift!


Oh I looked but didn’t look at the pricing haha.

Tbh probably a cheap advert tho

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That bloke could do with starting Justin’s guitar course.

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