Adapt the practice schedule

Hi all.

How do you add to the practice schedule, I can see how you can add songs, but if I wanted to add 5 mins on the major scale for example how do I do that.



Hi John and welcome!
You can add whatever practice item you want manually by going to the ‘Practice’ section of your ‘Dashboard’. In the ‘Items’ tab, scroll down and you’ll find the ‘+ Add new item’ button where you can add items.

To add items to your practice routine, you’ll go to the ‘Routines’ tab, and when you click to edit one of your routines, you can add your new item to your practice.

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click on items in the practice assistant, pick your major scale item and change the duration …3rd section down

Is there a video tutorial for how to setup and adapt the practice routine, as I’m really struggling to make any changes? I have tried to follow the replies on the community hub without success.