Add Chords to the tab

I am not English. Nevertheless I understand the English language reasonable well.
I followed the tutorial ‘Daughters’ of John Mayer. I started the youTube video over and over but I can’t follow to follow the chord explanation. “first finger on the seventh fret third string, second finger…” Of course if I write it down I understand but listening to the words I can’t.follow. I have a suggestion for Justin. Add the chords to the tab. I know there are chords add to the original tab, but they are different from the chord-song. It would help me a lot.

Arnold the tab is available on the website lesson. Better to look there rather than random YouTube searches. The tab option is a premium service ie one of the few things that Justin does not provide gratis but well worth the subscription.


Thanks Madman. I join the premium section from JustinGuitar now.
What I mean is that I can’t follow the explanations (to fast) from Justin on his Video. I need the chord-diagrams. I noticed that and the chords and the chord-diagrams Iin the tab-sheets on the website differs from what I understand from the explanation from Justin. Listening to the video from Justin I understand that he and his team are working on this project. Justin says about that :" sometimes the chords are there to good"