Adding Notes And Function

Grab some paper and pens and let's give your first steps into Harmonic Analysis!

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there is a mistake in the 7th measure. the third note should be a “5” not a “b7”.

Looks like a lot of work but also seems fun. I will combine it with transcribing and see how it will go.

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Thanks for the heads up. You mean this bar?
This has been reported previously if I recall correctly. Updating / correcting diagrams is on a big to-do list for 2022.
Cheers :blush:
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In the 5th measure the note played doesn’t match the tab

I will do this, and I’m alo doing “Sultan of Swing” as you suggested before. Interesting. At least I get some things now.

This was a really cool exercise. Of course, there were things that I missed or didn’t make a connection on. But that only means that they’ll stand out next time as something to pay special attention to.

However, my only concern is that I’m more into metal and rock, so I’m wondering if solos will be much tougher to transcribe. I mean, there’s still a rhythm groove that is holding the song up, just the same in blues. But then again, I’m obviously beginner-ish to music theory so I’ll eventually need to learn to bridge the gap from what I learn from blues, into the rock/metal world.