Adding or editing items in recommend practice routine

Hello all, I have try for a hour plus to try and edit the suggested practice routine that Justin recommends ( with items for us to edit I believe) but can’t seem to be able to get it into edit mode. I have done it in other modules but can’t seem to figure it out here for module 15.

Your help will be greatly appreciated

Here’s how it should work:

On the website, go to Mod 15 lesson 9
on the menu under the video click “Practice”
on the page showing the routine, click the button underneath to save the routine to your Practice Assistant
Go to your dashboard and on the menu at the side click “practice”
On the practice page click to open the “routines” tab from the list under the big “Practice” title
you should find the new practice routine on this page, cant remember if it’s in the inactive list or if it’s automatically made the active one, and click the pencil icon
use the tickboxes to add or subtract items
CLICK SAVE BEFORE LEAVING THE PAGE (shouting because this is the step I usually miss)

To edit individual items, click to open the “items” tab
Find items in the alphabetical list by clicking “show all x items”
edit items

If this doesn’t help, maybe you need to post a screen capture video of what you’re doing, or a detailed description similar to the above.

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Thanks for the input. I was able to figure it out after reading your explanation greatly appreciated.


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