Adding/Personalising Practice sessions and other feedback/issues

Would love to be able to add our own practice items, personalise them in some way. I have accidentally clicked on a wrong note in my one minute changes, and I would also like to be able to add another one. I would also like to be able to add “Riff practice” for certain riffs we are supposed to learn - even better if we can include a link to the video to refresh or tabs if we need them and customise time. An ability to add personal notes to our practice area.

Noticed “Good riddance” song seems to have a strange timing running all over the place.
Also in “Wonderwall” Near the end where the chorus repeat ‘and after all’ (Em7) the left side shows anther Em7 after that instead of a C, but the ‘next cord’ area shows a C (3:10 minutes into the song).

I’m really loving the App, and I can’t wait for it to catch up with the web site when it comes to flexibility. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more!
thank you.

Hey @eirynfox

I tagged this thread for the people of Musopia, the publisher of the app, to find it

You can also mail to, since we Musopia handles the support directly. That way there is no messenger in between and you can have direct content with them.

Let us know if it takes too long to get a reply or here are other issues with the service though!


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Thank you for your help.

@eirynfox well spotted on those song issues. You can also report any other issues you come across via:

If you have any other suggestions for improving the application you can suggest them: