Adding songs to Songbook

When you open up one of Justin’s song lessons there is an option to ‘save to favourites’ and an option to ‘add to practice items’. Could an option to ‘save to songbook’ be added? Thanks.


@sairfingers I’ve passed it on to Laryne to be added to the backlog Gordon, thanks


Last couple of days I wanted to look through the songs I have chosen to practice, in order to see what chords is being used, for training those chord shift needed. I really tried everything and is giving up now. So I surrender and ask… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Might be somewhat similar question as thread starter. Anyway, I subscribed to a year with the Song TABS. Few days ago, I spend like 14 - 16 hours, finding some songs that I like and would like to have as practice items.

As I to the SONGS and went through the songs and listened to each of them, I added those I liked to practice items. But I am unable to find the list with the practice items. Going back to the song, it does show that I have added it to the practice items.

Then I went into the song book and created a song book, as I thought I could add those added practice items from there, but also no luck.

I then created a practice routine list, and there was some kind of luck. I can see a list of the songs, but there is no link back to the song book, so I at least could click the “favourite” tab, and then assume I could access the list via the favourites, as when I searched the songs, I didn’t press the “Save the favourites”.

At least I can see which songs I found via the training routine list I created, as that gave me access to the list with the added practice items. So I can have 2 windows open, and then find the songs again and click the “add to favourites”.
But is there a more simple and easy way to do this??
Am I missing something or is it just how things are at the moment?
As I understand it is still kind of new and under development. So maybe these features are on its way?

It was just to avoid spending loads of time on this again and then maybe discover that what I do is still not sufficient, to have a list where I can just click the song and it will take me straight to the TABS or song itself and then from there the TABS.

Cheers and thnx for any help :heart: :pray: