Adding Songs to the Songbook where there isn't a Justin Lesson


Does anyone know if you can add a song to the Songbook without it being one Justin has a Lesson for. Nothing fancy, I’m just wanting to keep track of songs my guitar teacher has taught/teaching me alongside those that I’m learning here.

You can add links into an Item in the practice section.

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Personally I keep my main songbook in a binder, and others in a collection of different apps.

I don’t think you can add songs to that songbook. I use an app called Songbook Pro. I costs a few dollars for the full version and seems to have the same functionality as OnSong. I use Songbook Pro for collecting and editing tabs and am trying to learn to play through it - as opposed to playing along with the JG music app. I find it’s easier to learn the song if I can see the entire song structure instead of notes scrolling by on a screen.

Sadly you can’t add justin guitar tabs into songbookpro.
Would be great to add songs from different websites into the songbook or favorites on the justin guitar website.