Additions to Avatar

Hmm…some interesting observations:

The BLIM badge is a sticker on your avatar rather than part of your title.

Some people wear the sticker and some don’t.

Most of you are Regulars but some choose to have the title displayed and some don’t.

And finally :rofl:
When I brought up the idea of Grade groups a while back, some of you were aghast at the idea but now you are members of a closed group :scream_cat:


A member of a closed group because that is how the Course has been specifically set up. You do not get a choice. Not quite the same and why I have removed my BLIM flag.

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Also a member of the OM Steering Group as that is for the organisers only and no badge for that either.

Another data point from a non-BLIMer:

It doesn’t bother me. Like @Lisa_S, I’m happy for those in the course. I enjoy knowing who’s in it, and I’d love to hear some about it from them when it gets going. If it goes well and seems to be worth the cost, I’d consider doing one myself when I’m ready - but I’d want to have heard many positive reviews first.

I can only imagine that it’s difficult to balance: Making BLIMers recognizable to one another, doing some advertising to draw others in, and not “excluding” non-BLIMers. There’s probably no solution that would achieve everything perfectly.

Giving folks the option to disable the badge (like the extra emails, ahem) is a solid step. Another possibility would be to make the badges visible only to other BLIMers.

Far from hurting my feelings, I celebrate what I hope is a great experience for you all.

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Hi Toby,
You could also have said that there are many different grade people (and first timers and students from other teachers) in the BLIM and they learn many different techniques and styles in the blues, many of whom have been working on it for a long time and many just started. start … Put all grade 1 together in a separate group, yes then they only learn grade 1 things and if one wants to look a little further over the edge, there is no one around you to help you further or the many eyes that can say that your technique is not is good etc etc…

Greetings and have fun :sunglasses:

and Ps my dear Toby

That ship left yeeeears ago when by your name The madman was added :rofl: :joy:

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Absolutely. It’s always been inclusive here and hopefully it will remain that way. I think the issue raised in this topic is more about equality than inclusivity.

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I fully understand why BLIM is a closed group and I don’t have a problem with it.
I think you should switch the badge back on Toby, I don’t find it elitist at all. It’s useful to know who is doing the course and you guys may provide a useful insight for those of us considering the course in the future.


I think that’s a good point and something @Lisa_S raised as well. We’ve all been following and encouraging each others progress for quite some time now. And if I can provide any insights into the amount of preparation work required based on my current level of playing and how challenging the course was and how I overcame those challenges to keep up with the more experienced players then all the better. And I know some folk prefer to ask directly than to the general consensus.


I should also add that I think the BLIMers are going to realise the value of having a dedicated group to compare notes with others learning the same thing at the same time.

Time will tell and it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

This is an important point! Locking discussions behind the BLIM class should be limited to class-specific and class unique topics. General discussions about string bending, pentatonic, or whatever comes up that is a part of the general non-BLIM class topics should be posted out in the general areas.

Does anyone with access to other locked courses notice any trouble with this?


If folks have missed I am Blimming they must be listening to Blind Willie McTell. :rofl:

You’ve paid for the badge - wear it! :smiley:

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Hi Micheal,
If I understand your question correctly, Ooooo, there’s a lot that can go wrong :laughing: I hope i don`t start cursing :laughing: :crossed_fingers:… the other theory course, for example, there where the discussions visible to everyone… only clicking on the lesson is not possible without payment… that’s a big difference. .and therefore gives a different dynamic in terms of question and answer under a specific topic later when it comes to bending or whatever … I think … but in general if someone wants to know something and there is something out there in the open I have already written a lot about it, so I send someone there, but in practice it often doesn’t work here, so many people just start typing the same thing again that they themselves or others have written before for the same questions… it works. as it goes on internet forums apparently …
so trouble no … but maybe I totally mis what you ask because it is way to late for me now … :blush:

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The topic has broaden out a bit and would therefore be interested if there any other closed groups. Toby has mentioned the OM Team and I presume the Mods and Admin will have some for obvious reasons. Am I right in thinking PMT and Strumming SOS are open to everybody. @Richard_close2u

and I just looked at SOS with a logged out phone and it is also visible…

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Michael, I suspect that PMT and Strumming SOS are open (I’m pretty sure they’re open!) because people can join any time. The BLIM is a 6-month course with a cohort. I think Justin did a beginner cohort last year, and I think they too had a closed group. This certainly makes sense to me, and does not preclude those folks from participating in the larger community.

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Roger @roger_holland
Yes you are right must confess I didn’t realise you get into the community without logging in but have just done it a iPad that has no JG credentials stored,
Does this present a security risk I wonder.
Judi @judi
Must admit always wondered if the class of 23 was hidden somewhere in the community but I think it was Facebook group.


Doesn’t bother me. No different than putting a bumper sticker on your car to let people know about a group you’re a part of or wearing a shirt with your university on it.
I like to know who is taking the course so that if (hopefully) they have another one I can ask advice from them and see what they liked and disliked or had trouble with in the course.

I haven’t seen these avatars that everyone is “freaking out” :blush:about, I’m just hoping that Justin has another BLIM available when I’m ready for it! :upside_down_face:


The poster “sequences” above has the BLIM add-on to his/her avatar.