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HA! I didn’t even notice it it’s so tiny! Of course, I’ll probably be getting cataract surgery next year, so I’m not the best judge probably. :rofl:

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I hope there is a sticker for me in the year 2035 when I finally have completed grade 3 and am ready for BLIM.

Nah seriously I think an important thing to remember is that the paid courses are an important way to ensure that Justin is able to provide the bulk of the content free of charge, not to mention the philanthropic stuff Justin does.


In the immortal word of the banditos in my favourite John Huston movie, Treasure of the Sierra Madre. . . .Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges"

I hear what those who are concerned about the use of the Blim flair badge are saying; but I feel like the community is transparent enough to ensure that everyone can chose to show their Blim flair or not. Personal choice is a good thing. I personally have never been one for badges but neither do I oppose anyone wanting to use it.

What @TheMadman_tobyjenner has said about encouraging participation in the wider community by the new bilmmers is the way to go and staying inclusive is also key but I personally don’t see that having a badge on your avatar excludes anyone.

Feel a bit like this is becoming a tiny bit of a storm in a tea cup and shouldn’t take away from the energy and excitment that Blues Immersion is bringing to the community, whether you are participating or not in the course itself.

Just my opinion, for what it’s worth. . .


Someone displaying a virtual badge on a forum - sorry to be blunt, but this really is a bit of a non-issue, isn’t it?

There’s literally thousands of online forums/communities where an avatar either displays the poster’s ‘status’ or a ‘title’ is given - I don’t see any difference here. It is just a means of providing a visual acknowledgement to a users knowledge, or in this case interest, in a particular subject.

I’d maybe have a different view if the caption was outright suggestive that this conferred extra privileges to the standard base community, but it doesn’t.

Go and play your guitar and worry less about a few coloured pixels :guitar:

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As I started this topic, I thought I would say something on why I raised it.

It was a new aspect for the community, so I thought it deserved at least some discussion and so it did. As you would expect there are varying views but as I said in my original post for me it was “Not a big deal”

What came out of it was the existence of a closed group for BLIM that I was unaware of and surprised me. Some while ago there was a ‘lively’ discussion about closed groups, but I don’t propose we go down that rabbit hole again.



I’ve read every post in the thread. It seems the only ones making a big deal out of this are the ones telling people to stop making a big deal out of it. Otherwise, I see no problem with the thread.

The badges are so small on a tablet or phone that I wouldn’t have been able to figure out what they were without this thread. Does it seem a bit “elitist” to have badges for those who have paid for a special, private, course? Yeah, but it doesn’t upset me.

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PMT and SOS Strumming lessons on the website are only available to subscribers. I hadn’t thought about it but think I must have assumed the lesson specific topics in the Community would be too. It seems they are open to all whether a subscriber or not I didn’t know that but hadn’t thought about it before now…

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Richard @Richard_close2u
The community one is the interesting one and I not sure what I thought before knowing what I now know, but I expect it was that the threads on any paid courses were visible to non subscribers but if you clicked a link then it would not work, I presume that is the case.
Tried this on another iPad that doesn’t have any JG credentials stored somewhere and did not log in. I can see all the threads but if I click a link it takes me to a paywall page to subscribe.

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