Adjust layout for mobile (Adi_mrok)

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Not friendly for phones when you do a reply, Android user here.

Huh that’s strange @adi_mrok. I’m also on Android (Note 20 Ultra) and replies work just fine for me:

I’m using the app which was suggested in the notification when I first logged in

Thats sorted out now, turns out I had desktop view initially

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Just trying my phone for first time, so looks ok. But I assume no preview screen do to window size, clutter etc.

Don’t think there’s been an auto instal of the app but see option to do so in three dot menu :sunglasses:

App seems fine but overlaps screen by maybe 3mm so not seeing full page. Not missing any data as such but can move the screen left and right. Anyone else got this?
Android 11 on Samsung A22

Found Ivan’s emoji btw :socks: