Adrien - introducing myself

Hi I’d like to introduce myself to the community! My name is Adrien I’m 67 years young and I’m a beginner, I started to learn guitar in October of last year. I took a few private lessons at a local store, which I felt was slow going. But learning and go hooked.

I started going through YouTube videos and stumbled across JustinGuitar, I watched a bunch of video lessons and the more I watch the better I liked what I was seeing. Therefore I dropped the private lessons, downloaded the JustinGuitar lessons and song app, which I joined, so far it’s been great. I have learned a lot more then I did with private lessons.

So far it’s been good, doing pretty good on the one minute practice of the cords, although not all of them sounds good, the songs well that’s a different story seem to be have a hard time keeping up with strumming. Just not sure at what point I should advance to next lesson. I’m on module 2 of the beginner course right now.

My goal is to be able to play songs around a campfire with family and friends. My favorite genre is country, I do love the oldies also.

Looking forward to chatting with people on the community.



Hi Adrien and welcome to the forums! You’ll find them a great help and support as you continue on with Justin’s course. It is interesting you’ve found them better for you than private lessons, everyone teaches and learns differently really!

I would not worry too much about keeping up with strumming at the moment, just a single down strum on the first beat of each bar is an achievement at the stage you are at, chord changes are really the key for you to focus on I think when playing with songs. In terms of moving on, my advice is when you feel comfortable with the module 1 practice, I certainly don’t think you should hold yourself back, you will know when to consolidate, if you feel you’re ready then go for it!

Good luck and I look forward to hearing more on your journey! - Mark.

Welcome Adrien! Good to have you here mate.
Sounds like you’re enjoying it so far - thats whats its all about. Take it nice and steady and be kind to yourself.
Justins a terrific teacher - he’ll guide you along and help you build some solid foundations. The community here is full of great folk who’ll also help you out.

All the best. You’ll be crankin out those campfire songs before too long.


Welcome Adrien!

Keep up the playin and be patience. As Shane said. You will be playing the coolest country songs before you know it !

Welcome Adrian, have fun with these incredible guitar courses. Sure you’ll progress fast and you’ll get a better feeling, when it’s time to skip to the next module. If you feel comfortable, try to move on, you can always come back and review or consolidate your skills.

Hello Adrien and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear you’re progressing faster since following Justin’s course.

Welcome to the Community, Adrien.

I would suggest that in addition to using the app you also look at the lessons on the website. There is more information in those videos and text to aid in the learning.

Keep going, slow and steady, and you will achieve your goal.

Welcome Adrien. Justins course will get you playing round a campfire.

Welcome aboard Adrien! I also started last October and have been having a blast! To echo @DavidP, I also recommend supplementing the app with the lessons available on the website; they’re more comprehensive than what the app offers. Personally, I find the app useful for the playalongs and click tracks, but the website better at everything else.


Welcome to the community. That’s the same goal I started with and it’s such fun now to be able to do that. Campfire songs are my favourite.

Welcome Adrien. :slight_smile: