Advice for Setting when using the app for headphones

That’s one hell of a title. Anyway I’ve not got a problem with the app actually working its more a settings thing for my Waza Air headphones. When I play using just the headphones and go through a song it sounds fine, but when I have the app running on my phone and streaming through the headphones I cannot seem to find a happy medium between the app volume and the guitar.
I suspect it something to do with “sitting in the mix”, If I reduce the guitar volume so I can hear the vocals and the backing track my guitar dissapears, if I increase guitar volume to match that of the backing then it drowns it out.
Am I doing something wrong or is it just a case of patience and tweaking until its ok? My current amp doesnt have an aux input so I can’t run it through there yet and frankly it sounds terrible If I use the iphone speakers.

Any advice greatfully accepted

You mention wireless headphones, which use Bluetooth. Bluetooth latency can cause all kinds of problems when trying to play along in real time.

Perhaps it’s really a latency problem, and you are perceiving it as a level problem?

Direct cable connections seem to work best. My girlfriend plays her phone App by plugging her cheap computer speakers into her phone (had to buy a Lightning to 3.5mm dongle). Sounds way better than the iPhone speakers!

Or try a pair of wired headphones.

I have currently a similar issue with the app and my blackstar id core 20 v3 which has an aux input. Hoped to get a good sound by having the backing track through the amp, but actually it sounds not good. Hadn’t the time yet to match the guitar to the backingtrack. Either the guitar is too loud or the track is too loud. It seems as if the tracks on the app were from different quality, as there are some working better than others.
But it I think it’s not the app itself, same with youtube.

Ah maybe I wasnt clear enough (or assumed you people would know) the Waza airs use a Midi Based bluetooth so the latency is negligible compared to conventional bluetooth). I had the same sort of problem with the Nux Mighty headphone amp (wired) so I think it’s more likely a levels thing.