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Hi sorry I think I even typed this in the wrong place thing is can I do an iPhone pad recording and upload of has it got to be you tube?


You can use a link to a “drive” in the cloud if you like or set up a Soundcloud account which is audio only. Folk tend to use Youtube as it is pretty easy and does not take up space on a cloud drive and unlikely to be inadvertently removed when you do some housekeeping.
Video is also better from the perspective of seeing the posters playing action, that could highlight areas of improvement - like stop start strumming.

Hope that helps.


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Hi thanks for that so I have done a really bad video on you tube how do I get you to see it? And where do I put it m.
Sorry to sound thick but make no mistake with age does not come wisdom in fact it definitely clears off.

Just create a new topic here and you can just copy and paste the link address directly into the …

Oh looks like you’ve done it. Off for the PMT Live session so may check later !