Advice re string breaking

Hi folks. If I could just tap into the hive mind…

I bought a cheap acoustic (fazley) mainly to couch suff and worth though my lessons. So,the guitar is eacy to play with the exception of the cheap strings. So,I replaced the strings(now ernie ball 11s ) and a new set of bridge pins.

Now,the sound is great- much deeper and richer,but,I have snapped two high e strings,whereas with the original strings I didnt have a single break in 4 months.

So,any advice? Is it the strings? I do play blues and bend,but I did that with the old strings.

Did they break in the same spot? Then you might wanna check for sharp edges on bridge and saddle.
But hey, Eric Clapton breaks a lot of strings too I heard :wink:

I dont think they did. Perhaps my bend technique needs a thicker e string

Where on the string did they break, then? The only things I can think of is wrapping technique, a burr on a fret, over bending, maybe nut or saddle issues or tuning too high, the last of which usually breaks a G or B string when you think you are on the e string (don’t ask how I know that…).

Is the wraping technique for acoustics any different from electrics? Im mainly an electric player and wrapped them the same way.

Check the location of the break - that was my first thought as well - something sharp is scoring the string and causing it to break. Fret, saddle, nut, tuning peg - wherever the break occurs.

I know I once put my wife’s saddle backwards on her classical. It makes for a sharper bend to the bridge. Look for something like that that you may have done last full change.

I wrap her strings at the tuning pegs the same as on my electric. The cut end gets pinched between the first two wraps to help secure it.

One other thing I am careful of… When you cut the excess off the tuning peg, are you maybe scoring the string with the cutter?

Did it break during a bend?
Sorry if this sounds like an interrogation :grimacing:
But then it really could be the overbending which just happens to blues players sometimes…

I do it the same way too on all steel strings

Thank you. Ive changed to a thicker high e and that seems to have solved it. It was up at the machine head,so I think better set will help. Tuning hasnt been great since I replaced the stock set.

Ive ordered a set by Taylor which come recommended.