Africa by Toto Lesson

Learn to play Africa by Toto on JustinGuitar!

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Wow. impressive. Justin blows me away again.


Yes, he makes it look so effortless! :ok_hand:

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Please…MORE TOTO!! Thanks for giving us a path to playing this great TOTO song! Would love to also see Rosanna and Pamela.

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Great lesson. This arrangement with the capo on fret 2 and the open string(s) sounds very pleasant. Now it sounds a bit dull when I play the regular version without a capo and plenty of barre chords.

After watching the video I was a little put off by some chords where you need to bring the thumb over and mute some strings. But surprisingly it’s actually not that hard once you slow it down and stick with simple strumming.

Speaking of the strumming: the tab has a down strum on the ‘2 e’ of the intro pattern, which feels a bit weird. In the verse there’s an up strum which feels more natural.

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Great lesson. I appreciate that you take the time to go over nelpful finger placement for chords that are either a good reminder of good form and/or make the transitions between chords smoother. Thank you, Justin! :heart::guitar:

I love this arrangement. Maybe one day i’ll be able to play it like Justin. :thinking: Long way to go for that but the journey started today with the first three chords in the intro. Justin’s singing sounds great too. Haven’t watched the whole video yet so am a bit bothered that Jeff said there’s some thumb muting. Eek…! It’s just practise though isn’t it? :wink: We can all do it. Thank you Justin for another fab song. Back to it.:smiley::musical_note: