Ah, Denver…

The morning slog…

Almost a foot…too bad I can’t drag the snowblower to the deck, we have a big deck…:cry:


Joshua @Jamolay
Just happened to be learning that Christmas classic “Let it snow” and when I finished working on it I picked up my iPad to look at posts.
Somehow it seemed appropriate to read yours.
Michael :snowman_with_snow:

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Ah, so it is your doing!


I’m kind of jealous :laughing: My sister lives near Denver and she sent me very similar looking photos this morning. She also said it was supposed to be back in the 60s later in the week :woman_shrugging: :laughing:

That would be Denver. Whiplash winters!

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Joshua @Jamolay
I can control many things but not the weather.
Liked the little snow blower, no point in me investing in one of those where I live in the UK not seen any substantial snow fall in the past thirty years.

I grew up in the midwest and migrated to Australia many decades ago. I definitely do not miss the snow at all.

That foot of snow would shut down the entire UK Joshua, and I’m only half joking! :slight_smile:


Nice pictures Joshua. I love snow.

@Notter 1/2 an inch shuts down the UK Mark. :smiley:


Hi Joshua,
Beautiful, and what Mark says first part is 100% the case here … this would be ‘code red’ here (don’t go on the road if it is not very very necessary) if this falls in an evening/night or part of the day, and I`m not joking :grimacing:
Wonderful :smiley: as long as my wife doesn’t have to drive to and/or back from her company…

It has its plus and minuses. Driving hasn’t been bad yet, mostly slush in the roads.

Here comes the real problem…cold, dry, guitars.:scream:

Currently the outside it is 12F (-11C) with a few point of 2. Put that air inside at 70 and the RH is about 6.5%! My newly installed whole house humidifier is managing 26%. Hopefully it won’t last long.

Whoaa thats some cold temps with snow to boot.
We are getting some sleet this morning with temps in the low 30sF here in the far northeast US. Our 1st taste of winter thus far.
XC skis are ready to go.

Just an important tip………….
Don’t eat the yellow snow!!!

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