AI Guitars - your opinion?

Hello there,

I saw a really cool video about AI guitars and I would like to open debate here about if its future and what is on your mind when we talk about this topic.

I would call it a Smart Guitar but I don’t agree with calling it AI in any way at all. Nor can I find any mention from Enya Music themselves referring to it as such so let’s regard that bit as clickbait only. Maybe in the future that will change but I don’t see it here.

As for your question, I think that there is a future for the Smart Guitar as a class of beginner instrument and also as a studio/inspirational tool for experienced musicians. I don’t see how it grows much beyond that however considering just how resistant guitar players are to anything new concerning the guitar itself.

Once all of the dust settles they will fit into the guitar landscape in the same way that carbon fiber guitars have. So, evolutionary yes, revolutionary no.

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I agree, smart but not AI, it’s no different to an electric piano from 30 years ago. It sounds ok by his comparison but the real acoustic still sounds better to me.

If I compare my 2 violins, Electric vs Acoustic, although I’m not good at either the acoustic is still nicer.


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Not interested; doesn’t light my fire.

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Game youtube with this one easy hack… Add AI to something and get more hits!

To be fair that guitar looks ok for some fun do it all starter pack , I doubt its got much long term life in it though

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It don’t do much of anything for me.
I’d rather just have a good sounding acoustic that don’t need a batt. charge to work.

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I have better thing to spend a $1000 on.


Like others here I’d call that a smart guitar. They’ve been around for a while but have never really taken off. They might be good for a professional musician or performer but the average guitarist seems to have no interest.

Gibson released Firebird X in 2011. It was going to be the next big thing. It had built in effects, amp models etc. It required batteries in order to run the smarts. No one except maybe a few studio musicians liked it.

People seem to want a simple guitar that doesn’t need charging to run. If you want a bunch of effects, then an amp with effects/multiefx/pedals seems to be the preferred option. Put the smarts in the amp/efx unit. Keep the guitar simple. The Positive Grid Spark 40 is currently the best selling amp for that reason.

RIP Gibson Firebird X :slightly_frowning_face:

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Oh dear. If you want to pulp a failed product do you really need to line them all up on the ground (carefully placed alternate body to neck 'cos that looks so much better) and drive over them with a heavy construction vehicle? Looks too much like a photo op for a PR stunt to me.

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Yes, exactly.

Those still sold on the Firebird X as a retrofuturist curio can read more about it here and pick one up on sites such as They still cost a mint!

So, use a viral PR stunt to create a demand for a “retrofuturist curio” (a.k.a. a “failed marketing product”).

Sorry… I am an internet cynic!

Longer Version on Guilogist youtube site if anyones interested.

Where all those guitars defective? If not, what a waste. Landfill for nothing. Another small example of how our excesses are going to ruin us.

If they worked, they should have given them away. Justin could have found homes for them, I am sure.

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Gibson got a LOT of stick for the way they trashed those guitars. In the end, I think they even tried to pass them off as being somehow too dangerous to give away.

Careful with that axe, Eugene…

I use AI (chatgpt) very regularly in my role as a software developer. It’s a definitive game changer the likes of which we’ve never seen before. The current project I’m working on chatgpt has been so very worth the subscription fee. It’s like having two people on each side of me. One who’s a guru at the new technologies and APIs that I’m using, the other who’s a junior and so very willing to do the grunt work a project sometimes requires.

Recently I had a block of code that was a bit messy. Rewriting it is what we call refactoring. I’ve been doing refactoring for a long time and am reasonable at it. I had in mind how I wanted to refactor this bit of code as it was doing something I’ve done many times before. But I figured lets see how chatgpt would refactor it and I was blown away. It refactored the code far better than I would have.

I suspect when applied to guitar it’s got great potential. I’m starting to work on doing lead guitar again this time focusing on awareness of the chord tones as I play. I could see AI helping with that just as one tiny example.