AI Music Copyright Legal Case

This was bound to happen!!!


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I completely agree with it in this case, anything that I have done with it has been done using my own input to create personalised output specifically for individuals who I wanted to try to cheer up or as a special gift. People who are unscrupulously using the AI to make “sound alikes” deserve everything they get, but I don’t really agree that it’s the AI businesses fault implicitly, admittedly they need to sort the system out to distinguish between what is and isn’t too much like commercial artists.
Basically to me it’s a can of worms, and it’s not going to be just in the music industry, it could be anywhere else where AI is used in Art forms of any type.

Beato makes an important point here that the record companies aren’t suing to protect artists or the integrity of music; they’re doing it because they want to do exactly the same things with AI and they want exclusive control of that market. They’re simply trying to crush their competition.