Ain't No Sunshine | Live on radio Nostalgie (Belgium)

I had the honor to record a song in the studio of Radio Nostalgie (national radio in Belgium).

You can check the recording here:

For those who forgot,
this is the original:


@lieven, the embedding is pretty cool

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I like the layout here Lieven. The photo of you and Lucy is excellent, it captures so much of who you are as a musician. :heart_eyes:

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Hi LievenDV,
Great play and vox. You used that studio time to full benefit! Keep up the good work! Great inserts as they seem very HQ…


Sound quality on this one is superb Lieven I guess that’s the advantage of doing it professional radio studio…pretty cool and I hope other good things come from it.

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Studio time?

  • one take as a warmup,
  • dialed back some highs and presence
  • did a second take.
  • done :stuck_out_tongue:

not being burdened by recording and producing, this clip is a very nice take-away!

Hi Lieven> Studio time?
not being burdened by recording and producing, this clip is a very nice take-away!

I did not imply it took 10 or 100 takes to produce the recording you did. I imagine there was someone setting up the recording gear and likely a studio engineer who did his part or both, as well. What I did mean is you had an opportunity to record a song and did a great job of it. Even better you were able to turn it around in a couple of passes!

All the best,

I have to admit I am a bit amused at the quoting system. Toby mentioned it as well. I hope I am doing something wrong, as all I can get it to do is to block out a shaded section and all the rest is manual cut and paste. If there is more to it than that, can someone please share the secret?

select a piece of text and a button appears. it has some styling issues though.
You can also select text and press q :smiley:


Ah, Lieven!
Thanks - Though on my laptop PC, the highlighted text is so faint I missed it until you pointed it out!

In addition. It may well be different viewing platforms will work differently in the “Community”. I would suggest Beta tester’s devices be noted in some way. As the issues may be on a cell phone, but not on a PC. Same thing for tablets, or any other devices. Maybe even certain browsers will cause issues?

All the best,

Yeah we’ll have to make a distinction when it comes to devices where relevant

Though on my laptop PC, the highlighted text is so faint I missed it until you pointed it out!

THAT’s the styling issue :smiley:

Nicely done Lieven. Two thumbs up
Don’t know how I missed this.
I keep finding post I haven’t viewed yet.


That’s some good stuff right there. Well done sir. I like your spin on this old familiar tune. Dug it.

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Great style you have there, Lieven. Really enjoyed the “I know…” part. Awesome to be able to record in a studio such as Radio Nostalgie. Even though I’m not familiar with it, I expect it’s pretty incredible!

it’s was a basic and temporary setup actually but the tech knew what he was doing and everything went as planned. smoothest recording session ever. I thought it must have felt as the pro’s do daily; in and out, doing your thing, hello, sing sing, talk talk, bye! :smiley:

Good to hear this again, loved your spin on the OT. :sunglasses:

@LievenDV I love that picture. Great recording too.

Hey, I’m a novice (just entering grade 2) but if I may offer some advice… you might sound better if you hold your guitar the right way. It’s upside down! :upside_down_face:

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Damn, never considered doing that, thanks! :smiley:

Outstanding! I love Bill Wither’s music, and you did a great job with this performance. It sounded awesome.

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That sounds reallly cool…I’m working on it for a couple of weeks now, the big problem is singing,
Or i need to say ,"the biggest is singing,…playing is a little big " :sweat:
I’ll try to take singing lessons in the coming year, but i sing really really not that nice, :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: .
But more important for now, this was nice to listen.
Thanks ,Rogier