Air Guitar Kangaroo

Why not? Perhaps Justin has Jammed with this guy in the past? Photo credit to Jason Moore, Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.


He/she probably sounds better than I do…looks better too!


Just finding the roo t note.


Lovin that. :+1:

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Hi Michael,
The second topic I click on (first the Brian/Stefan mix :smile:) and again a big smile on my face :smile:
I think I’ll call it quits this fine morning and try to play some guitar…Have a nice day (night there):smiley:

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Surely a do(e)?

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Nah, his name is Sting and he’s in the Fields Of Gold !

As my son would probably say, that is such a dad joke. :smiley:

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Damn, that Roo’s got much better form than me :frowning:

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@SgtColon my teenage daughter just gives me a look of despair at my dad/bad jokes. The more despairing the funnier I find them.

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