Air travel with amp in the plane

Quick question to those who might know better.

I have a flight to catch and I wanted to take my SS amp with me. If I don’t put it in any luggage and just carry it from it’s handle, would that be a problem at the airport or the airplane?

I don’t see any reason why it should, solid state, small dimensions, it almost fits in my cabin luggage (tight fit but can’t zip it afterwards).
But I’m not totally sure.

Does anyone have any experience?

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Does it have batteries?

@DaveTC59 Nope.
Plain old Marshall MG15, 8" speaker, solid-state, just the power lead hanging at the end.

I have, on a couple of occasions, carried my Yamaha THR10II wireless amp as hand luggage on International air flights.

No problem at all. You may need to check your hand luggage allowance but, otherwise, you should be fine.

Note that, in my case, I had no choice but to carry my amp as hand luggage because of the batteries in it which could not be in checked luggage. In your case you have a choice if you can fit it in your main luggage (and trust the baggage handlers).

In my case, I had it in a fabric bag (the official Yamaha carrying bag). You might want to consider a bag or wrapping it in some way so you don’t have loose cables flapping around as it goes through security scanning.

I hope that helps.



Thanks Keith @Majik. I put it in my checmed luggage for now, wrapped in clothes and ither items :sweat_smile:
We’ll see how that goes.
I don’t trust the handlers but… I’ll take the chances.

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Yes, make sure it’s well protected.

I have carried my Fender Tele in checked in luggage in the past without issues. I took the neck off so it would fit, but that also made it more resilient to knocks and bumps.

A bit of electronic kit is going to be more susceptible to damage so you may want to consider carrying it in the cabin.

Alternatively, if it’s a short trip, you might want to consider getting a portable headphone amp, like the Nux MP-3.



I’ve done with guitars. Like you said separated the neck from the body, body in the checked luggage, neck in my backpack, headstock poking out of it! Lol
It worked, no problems.

In this case, I just want to return this amp to Athens and bring back another one.
I will check with the airline at the airport to see what they’ll say.

Eventually, it’s a longer term plan to get a portable amp.

Hi ,
This has been posted before, but it is useful to remember when you hand over your stuff to the desk… so keep it with you if possible, check in first then they are often easier according to Bax-shop

Good luck and have fun :sunglasses:

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Thank you Rogier @roger_holland!
I will check.
I’ll have to go through the same on the way back as I’ll be carrying the other amp :joy:

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