Alex from Pennsylvania

Hi all,

Posted a couple of topics and realized I haven’t introduced my self. Thinking of consolidating some of my post by creating a learning log. Something to keep me going.

A little bit about my guitar journey: I’m 31 years old, bought a beginner guitar kit (An Epiphone les paul special) with 2 of my best friends way back in our teens at the height of our guitar hero days but fell off of it pretty quickly. My friends stood with it a little while longer than me but also dropped off of it. Fast forward to a couple of months ago in 2021 and one of those friends passed away due to sickness :cry:. The whole ordeal got me thinking of how little time we have, the things my friend never got to do, and the things I still want to do.

So I bought a guitar earlier this month and found this great website. Lots of positive vibes here from what I see, and I’m excited to really push my self to learn this beautiful instrument! So anyway, glad to be here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Welcome Alex, seems there are a fair few of us getting back on the old horse at the moment…

Luckily I still have my guitars from yesteryear… And a few old mates from way back still plugging away (but I’ve since moved country…)

always better to make a start than never al all , even if its later than you would have wished for.

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Sorry for you loss.

Yes so true time not only passes so quickly but life is too short for some. Glad to see sadness has inspired you start again. You have found a great source for learning, exploit it to the full and live life to the full.



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Hi Alexis,

Thank you so much for sharing some of your story. I have to echo Toby and say I’m sorry for your loss. Hats off to you for pausing and reflecting and trying to find some meaning in the loss. Looking forward to seeing you around the community.


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Hey there,

Sorry to hear about your loss. Sometimes it takes something like that to change our own lives. Great that your are getting back to playing.

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Hello and welcome Alexis. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Now maybe something positive can come from that loss and you could at some point down the line write a song about him/her.

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My sympathies at the loss of your friend, Alex. So important to reflect about our lives and focus on what is truly important and meaningful. Wish you well in your guitar adventures.

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A sad reason and a good reason to do the things you’ve wanted to do Alexis. I’m glad you’re here.

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Hey Alex,
Welcome !
There’s many of us “returners” here - i hadn’t touched the guitar for 15 years until lockdown suddenly gave me the time.
The best bit about being here , is that you will definitely catch up on all those lost years.
And very quickly be a Better Guitarist, and better All Round Musician than if you’d carried on learning by yourself all that time
Good luck!

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Thanks everyone for the kind words!

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