AlexisDuprey JG Rock Songbook Studies (Song 11-13/50) latest - Teenage Kicks by The Undertones (w/solo!) - June 11

Another one nailed, Alexis. A bit late to the party so I can only echo what other’s have said. Well done mate.

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Song 13: Teenage Kicks by The Undertones
Teenage kicks! This song as written in Justin’s rock songbook is pretty easy. He recommends using power chords, but in his video lesson he also teaches using barre chords. There are 2 guitars in the original record (one using PCs and the other using BCs) so I figured I’d do both since I am currently learning barre chords in Justins intermediate course. I also went ahead and did the solo too since I’m trying to get more experience with lead playing.
What I’ve learned/techniques:

  • Power Chords. This is the easiest part, nothing too crazy. Simple power chord changes, nothing I haven’t done before.
  • Barre Chords. This is one of the reasons it took so long for me to learn this song. You have to switch from A shaped barre chords → power chords → Am shaped barre chords → and finally to E shaped barre chords. A lot of practice and sore muscles between my index finger and thumb but it was worth it. I feel like a have the hang of these now and feel more prepared for the intermediate section of the songbook.
  • Solo - This was also tough, hammer ons, flick offs, string bending, and jumping strings. It looks like a simple solo, and it is I’m sure, but a lot of fundamental lead techniques here. I’m still very early in my lead playing so I didn’t care if I played this perfect or not, but I think I did an okay job.

It’s straight up just my katana on the crunch tone for all 3 recordings (power chords, barre chords, and solo). I just messed with the levels of each.

grabbed the backing track from: Download your instrumental songs in MP3 format - Custom Backing Tracks - Karaoke Version (

Here we go, Teenage Kicks by The Undertones! (Advice and feedback always appreciated and welcome!):grinning:

Here for table of contents


Another well executed project, Alex, bravo!

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Awsome project you have going on Alexis!! Youre playing is great as always :fire::fire::fire:

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@DavidP @tRONd thanks for watching!

Another well played one, Alexis. Well done. You’re making great progress.

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Sounding great, Alex! Solid throughout and spot on rhythm. Good to see you getting into the solo too, plenty of techniques to learn (I’m starting on that path too so understand where you’re coming from!), really top effort there, looking forward to seeing how that aspect continues to progress :metal: :sunglasses:

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@Socio Thanks James!

Thanks Jeff! It almost feels like starting to learn guitar all over again. Frustrating to not feel as confidant as I am playing rhythm, but also great when things start sounding good!

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You are certainly owning the rock song book Alexis and this is another great performance from you. That solo did look to contain lots of techniques to have to learn, good job with it though.

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Thanks Stefan!

Sounding great dude. That solo looks like a good one to learn, plenty of bends but not too fast.

Nice haircut too! :grinning:

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Thanks, JK! It’s kind of close to unison bends since I’m playing a note then bending to that pitch, but I’m not playing them at the same time. It’s really cool, but a difficult to do right (at my level at least). It feels like a good starter solo.

Also, yeah, I had just come back from my haircut, lol.

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Another one in the bag! Really well played :clap: such a great tune and thought you sounded excellent :v: