AlexisDuprey JG Rock Songbook Studies (Songs 1-10 of 50) latest - Should I Stay or Should I go added 9 March

Thanks Edgar!

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I thought that was great, JG! Made me want to break out the old AC/DC.

Yeah I see. Just watch your whips and chains which is very cool. Had a crack at this myself based of your vid.

The ‘full mute’; Is that what your doing with your index finger on your fretting hand? In the mutes you seem to be laying this across the strings or at least resting it on the top string.

Yup, that’s right. I’m relaxing fingers 1&3 (the ones fretting the D5, and laying finger 2 over all the strings to make sure they’re being muted.

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Thanks for the info Alex. I’ll add this to my ‘skills to learn’ list.
Really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my questions. Awesome

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Song 3: If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next by Manic Street Preachers

This is one of those songs that I actually have never heard before getting Justin’s rock song book. It’s a great song with a really good message so I was excited to try it out. Especially considering the F chord is featured prominently in it.

What I’ve learned:

  • The F Chord! Seriously most of my practice was getting the F chord right. I hade 5 minutes of chord perfect which initially focused on just making sure everything was ringing properly, then eventually I spend that time doing really slow changes between the F chord and the other chords in the song. I had OMC exercises between F-C, F-Em, and F-G. Finally got to the point of being able to make and switch between the F chord and others chords without looking which I’m very proud of. Really feels like I consolidated some grade 2 material here.
  • D Minor. This Chord has been the only grade 1 chord that I would consider neglected. I didn’t really play many songs that actually used it. This one does so a lot of OMCs between G-Dm and Dm-Am.
  • Rhythm. Another 16th note pattern! I feel like I’m getting good at these, or at least grasping new ones a little faster. I had a 5min Rhythm section of my routine where I focused on playing the song with the metronome. Didn’t care too much about mistakes during rhythm practice time. Focus was on groove and making sure no matter what I’m tapping my foot to the beats.
  • Layering Tracks. The song has a guitar part that is just playing the chord with phaser and delay effects. This was cool to do and to try and edit in premiere pro to show properly.
  • Tone. Messed around with the phaser and delay effects in my amp, sooo much options, but just getting to know my amp more was fun!

Main rhythm is using the same acoustic patch I used for my Every Rose has Its Thorn cover except I’m using the neck pick up: Songwriting Collection by Rafael Bittencourt | BOSS TONE CENTRAL
For the effects part I just messed around with the phaser effect and delay until I got it sounding how I wanted it. Too many little adjustments to remember but it took like a half an hour of messing around to get it.

grabbed the backing track from: Download your instrumental songs in MP3 format - Custom Backing Tracks - Karaoke Version (

Here’s If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next (Advice and feedback always appreciated and welcome!):


Great idea for a thread and very inspiring!

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Lots more learning gained from the song. It is an inspirational project.

Enjoyed the latest song, a well put together production showing fine playing and tasty tones.

I noticed you played the Dm with the pinky rather than ring finger. I know from a conversation elsewhere here that Justin does teach that as a means to develop the pinky early on. That said, depending on how you fret your Am you may find that using the ring finger for the Dm can be used to make a simpler change to Am. In the future some songs also have riffs that would need the pinky to be available to play a Dmsus4. A good strategy as one progresses to be able to use different fingers for chords based on the preceding or following chord to simplify changes.

Looking forward to La Grange as it may be the one song I’d most love to play on this list of 15.


You’re correct that I learned it with my pinky because that’s how Justin’s taught it. As I get more and more experience I see that fingering options for chords really just depends on what you’re doing within the song. So you’re right and I’m definitely going to learn it traditional next time I get to a song with it.

It’s definitely one of my favorites! I’m trying to learn it with that mix of fingerstyle and picking that’s used originally so it’s really going to be a fun one!

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Rock study is coming along well. I like how you list the things that you have learned from the song. You’re are inspiring the GAS in me to get a decent practice amp and start learning some of those rock songs.

I think that its better that you post each song on a dedicated topic as when you see a topic with a lot of views/posts it can give you the impression that you’ve already viewed it. And I wouldn’t want to miss the next edition.

@DavidP has made a couple of good observations on the last three songs (as he always does). Nothing I can add but vibes on the study and consolidation of Grade 2. Especially when quite a few of those beginner songs in the Rock Songbook are a level above Grade 2 so you’re doing fantastic.


Thanks James. I’ve learned so much in this month and a half of consolidating and I’m only halfway through the time I set aside for it.

Deconstructing each song into practice parts has been so valuable too. It’s usually what I put in the what I’ve learned section.

Gotta say that one of the best purchases I’ve made is the Boss Katana MKII. It’s such a versatile amp that can do so many different sounds. Especially if you connect to a computer and mess with the tone studio application.

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That was great Alexis, some tasty work going on there and a great one to cover.

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Thanks Stefan, definitely a really fun one. It’s a great tune to practice rhythm and strumming.

EDIT: @SgtColon I forgot to mention that I actually looked at your cover of the song when I was practicing it. It helped me figure out how I was gonna strum the bars with half C half G so thanks!

Hey @alexisduprey. :slight_smile: Great work you’re doing here! Can we share your project on the site and social platforms? Please message me, and I’ll work that out. Cheers!

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Great stuff Alexis you are doing great!

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Hi Alexis,
This is great, super tones :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:,and I always like to see that picture in picture… Ooo, I still have so much to figure out :see_no_evil:

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Thanks Rogier,

It’s really cool and fun to do. I don’t know if you’ve ever used any video editing software but it’s actually fairly simple to do on adobe premiere. This was the first time I’ve done it and it took me maybe a half an hour to figure it out.

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Thanks for the tip,
I just heard from my wife next to me that it must be on (her)the computer…so in the future I will definitely try it out…I have a few seconds of a video i want to delete on You-tube ,well I had been working on that for much longer than an hour,…but now I will just call in my wife for the job and she can explain it to this techie in the making… :grin:

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Huge apologies but I got behind following your project. In fact finding time to listen to any AOVYP is proving to be a challenge these days. So by now you will be on to what #5 ?
No time to go through what’s been said so far but it all sounded pretty good to me and a nice production using the karaoke-version BT there is some great mileage there for a small but valuable outlay. My daughter was a huge Manics fan back in the day and I chauffeured her to a shed load of concerts, so this actually brought back good memories and a solid performance.

I’ll try and catch up with the subsequent recordings this weekend as I think this is a great project. I bought the JRSB years back but not all the tracks float my boat (its an age thing) so cherry picked those I wanted to learn - shoot need to get back on that boat for sure - but great you plan to make your way through them all. Great stuff sir.


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Thanks for listening Toby! I’ve never even heard of the Manics before picking up Justin’s book, but that’s one of the great things about this project besides just getting better at Rock guitar. I’ve been broadening my horizons and being exposed to all different types of rock sub genres that I normally would not have listened to. Every song I find something new to appreciate!

On number 6 now actually. :slight_smile: