Alex's Learning Log

It’s really good to be able to read up on your progress @alexisduprey . I’m earlier on in my journey but we’re on the same beginner Grade so it’s cool to be able to see someone making inroads and getting benefits from Justin’s approach to teaching. Keep it up! :+1:


That’s a bonus, Alexis. I’ve found getting into recording and music production to be as much fun as learning to play. At this stage, noting wrong with making and sharing recordings with your phone, making use of that tripod.

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Thanks Charlie!

The learning logs are my favorite part of the community site. Great to see someone around the same place as me. I’ll be sure to keep your learning log on my watch list =).


I was actually looking into how to sync video with my phone and audio through the audio interface. I’ve found some promising articles but I think it’d be cool to use everything I have to make it look and sounds cool. I work in IT at a University so the tech excites me as much as the playing =). I’ve been talking to some of the AV guys here on how best to do this.

Speaking of recording, what’s the most appropriate way to share my recordings in my learning log? Do I post each recording in it’s own thread and just edit a learning log post. Like if I post all of my consolidation recordings should I create a post here about my consolidation, post individual AVoYP post for each, and edit my original post here to add links? Are there rules concerning this? Just want to make sure I do it right.

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Hey Alex, enjoyed reading your learning log. You are making a great start and showing keen discipline to work through your challenges. Keep up the great stuff.

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Alexis, I was going to write up an approach and decided I’ve done it a few times so perhaps I can save myself from repeating myself. So have a look here: Producing a video with phone cam and an audio interface

There aren’t any hard and fast rules.

My suggestion would be to post performances of songs as you feel ready in #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing. Once you feel done with the consolidation the you could write a Learning Log update that summarises your consolidation stage with links to the songs in AVOYP.

That’s how I’d do it.

But nothing wrong with posting the recordings in your Learning Log. You may get more views and feedback posting in AVOYP though it does seem as if people are reading Learning Logs more than they used to read the equivalent on the old Forum.

Again personally, I think it is appropriate to post work-in-progress recordings as you are learning either songs, studies, or techniques in the Learning Log. I have seen people do that. For myself I chose to create a specific Topic in #community-hub:what-are-you-learning to record a particular learning effort that will require much time and many work-in-progress recordings.

And if something ends up in not the most appropriate place then a friendly mod may pick up on it and with your blessing move a Topic or Reply.

Enjoy the rehearsal, recording and I look forward to your playing.


February 18th, 2022

Song Exploration:
Goal during my 10 minute song practice yesterday was attempting a bunch of the grade 1/step 1-3 songs to see which I’m going to be focused on during my grade 1 consolidation. I ended spending hours going through attempting to play/listening to them and I think I have my five songs!

  • Mad World - For the reasons I mentioned in my previous post.
  • Hey Joe - Also for the reasons I mentioned in my previous post.
  • A Girl Like you - This one has all of the minor chords and while I’m not struggling with it as much as the C Chord, Dm still gets me sometimes. Also, the mid bar change sound great.
  • What’s Up - Easy pattern, but has C Chord and 2 bar strumming pattern both sounds interesting and seems like a fun challenge.
  • Stand by Me - Also has a C chord (Really want to get this down) and I practiced muted strumming for hours yesterday with varying degrees of success. Honestly not sure if I could get it sounding good enough for me to be satisfied but “Old Faithful” is a great alternative that makes this song easy.

Some other songs I really liked that could make there way up there if I feel like switching one:

  • Chocolate Jesus - I just really like the song, also has a Dm.
  • Bad Moon Rising - I just like how the progression sounds even without the lyrics.

This was fun to do. I’m really looking forward to really focusing on playing these start to finish. I’m leaning towards posting my recordings in the forum, will definitely record my self at least for my own self assessment.


March 4th, 2022

How it’s been going + What I’ve been playing:
It’s been a couple of weeks since my last update and I’ve been chugging along with consolidating Grade 1. All my practice has focused on songs and the chord changes/strumming patterns required. I’ve mostly been working Stand by Me, but try to attempt the chord progressions for all 5 songs I’m working on at least once a day. My C chord (one of my weakest chords) had gotten a lot better so I’m glad I took the time to consolidate.

Still not 100% sure I’ll post audio/video of me playing them yet as I’m not sure how best to do it. Speaking of…

New Gear
I mentioned this in another post but I was speaking to a work friend about music and mentioned I was looking for a cheap audio interface. I asked if he knew of any cheap quality interfaces that could get the job done and he did me one better. He had just purchased a brand new interface, said his old one was just gathering dust and was glad to give it to someone who could use it!:

I just picked it up and haven’t tried setting it up yet but I’m really excited to try it out!

The Plan:
I expect that I’ll continue consolidating for another 2-3 weeks. Possibly record and post the 5 songs for you fine folks. I’m really excited to move forward to Grade 2 but enjoying the journey!

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Sounds like you are making good progress on the consolidation, Alexis.

That appears to be exactly the same AI that I have. Once you have set that up, which is fairly straight-forward then you’ll soon be ready to make a recording, either audio or video. Here’s a link to the user-guide that should explain the sequence of steps to setup:

If you have a PC or Laptop then making a video with audio recorded through the 2i2 and using your phone as a camera is also pretty straight-forward (as per the link I previously shared with you)

Have fun and look forward to hearing you when you are ready.


This is awesome, thank you!


March 10th, 2022
How it’s been going
Continuing consolidation of grade 1 with a focus on playing/memorizing 5 songs. It’s reaaally hard not to move forward at this point because I’m anxious to learn some new things but it’s hard to argue that I haven’t been tightening up the skills I’ve learned in grade 1. I’ll probably spend another couple of weeks consolidating and posting the songs here in the forum.
What I’ve been Playing
My 5 songs haven’t changed much and I try and play them all at least once a day while focusing on one song in a particular week.

  • Stand by Me - I posted me playing the chord progression here: Stand by Me - Chord Progression
  • Chocolate Jesus - This is the song I’m currently working on. Dm chord changes are the focus here as they are pretty weak from lack of use.
  • Hey Joe - pretty much have this one down, will probably post this one soon.
  • Mad World - Also have this one down and will try and post soon.
  • What’s up - Next week’s focus, I love the 2 bar strumming pattern in this one.

New Gear
I’ve been playing for ~3 months (time is flying by!) and it feels like its about time to change my strings. I took this as an opportunity to purchase a couple of tools that I’ve been meaning to get: A snark tuner, a string winder/cutter, new strings, and a guitar neck rest/stand (which comes tomorrow) to use when I’m working on the guitar.

And that’s it! I’ll probably do another learning log post at the end of my consolidation in a couple weeks but I’ll be moving on to grade 2 soon!


If you have any problems with the string change Justin has a helpful video.


Thanks! I just did it using this video. I screwed up and broke my D string but luckily I bought a 3 pack. Unfortunately, future me will have a missing D string when changing my strings 2 times from now.

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That is a proper tuner you have there my friend, exactly like mine and probably choice was made after seeing the same video from Justin :smiley: from experience works really well and couldn’t be more happy with the purchase I am sure it’s going to serve you well.

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You got me! I’ve been eyeing this one ever since I saw it in Justin’s video. So far so good, I really love this tuner!



I am cheering for you Alexis!!
You had a pretty sweet and serious learning log that was fun to read.
Keep at it and keep rockin!:metal:


March 21st, 2022

How it’s been going:
Great! I had a goal of recording my self playing the 5 songs (chord progressions at least) that I was working on for Grade 1 consolidation and I did!
Stand by me - Chord progression (Consolidation song 1/5)
Hey Joe - Chord Progression (Consolidation song 2/5)
Mad world - Chord Progression (Consolidation song 3/5)
Chocolate Jesus - Chord Progression (Consolidation song 4/5)
What’s up - Chord Progression (Consolidation song 5/5)

I’d say that if I were to do something like this again, I’d spend more time trying to record the whole song. When practicing I did play the songs in their entirety but I’d like to at least show more when making a video. Good news is that the Grade 2 songs have some potential to sound really good in a recording!

Speaking of Grade 2, I started it a couple of days ago and am moving along nicely. Stuck 3 & 4 chords sound great, I love the wish you were here riff and am starting to get the hand of it. The E Minor Pentatonic scale felt really awkward playing up and down but even that is getting easier and easier at 80BPM.

What I’ve been Playing:

  • Every Rose Has it’s Thorn - a 16th note pattern (I’m getting the pattern from Justin’s Rock Song book) which I’m really getting used to at this point. I love playing this song, the only issue I’m having is switching chords mid bar. Just can’t seemed to do it right with this pattern. I feel like I’ll get it eventually though
  • You Shook Me All Night Long - First song I’m learning that combines riffs and strumming. AC/DC is one of the first bands that I listened to that I really noticed the guitar. They got me interested in playing guitar in my teens. I’m playing the C chord here like the record (not Cadd9) so it’s not as useful for getting used to stuck 3&4 like Every Rose has It’s Thorn but I love the song. I want to record and post this song some day.
    EDIT: Forgot to add that I’m using the Dirty Deeds Katana patch that Justin made for the tone. It sounds really close to the record (For pretty much any AC/DC song) when playing with the bridge pick up. Would recommend for anyone who has a Katana!

The Plan:
I expect that I’ll be spending at least 2 weeks total on Module 8. From how I’ve been feeling so far I feel like I can make that. Of course I’ll evaluate at the end and see if I should spend more time on it. I’m definitely going to be working on You Shook Me All Night Long after I move on. A long term goal for me (years) is to play all of the songs in the Rock Song book. I’m not close to ready to play the solo on this one but I’m excited to have the start of 2 of the songs in the book. :slightly_smiling_face:

New Gear/Purchases:
Yesterday I ordered Justin’s rhythm reading book from Amazon. I was learning You shook me all night long from the tabs in the song book and there was some rhythm notation that I just did not get. I couldn’t find the meaning anywhere and figured I might as well start learning to read rhythm notation since it’s used in justin’s and other tabs I’ve seen online. Really excited for it to come tomorrow.


All good stuff Alex. Looking forward to progress updates.


Hey Alexis, I think that you’re doing really well!
Good pick on your gear, all sensible buys should last you a while. Beware of GAS, it’s always nipping at your heels reminding you of the number of guitars you need = what you have +1 :laughing:😵‍💫
You’ve played some solid consolidation pieces so time to go forward; just one question, have you learned the full songs that you’ve been learning?


Yup! part of the reason I didn’t record the full songs is that for most of them there is a consistent pattern through the whole song:
What’s up: G Am C G whole song
Mad World: Em G D A most of the song, some variation with Em and A
Stand by me: G G G G Em Em C D whole song
Hey Joe: C G D A E E whole song

So they were really easy to memorize. Which also means they got pretty old to play without me singing too. Still worth consolidating, I’ve said this before else where but even though I “knew” the songs before consolidating I really felt like I got so much better playing them in the month I took staying in grade 1. Would recommend to anyone who is going quickly through the grade. Some things feel easier to grasp in Grade 2 and I have a feeling it’s because I was so comfortable with the Grade 1 content.