Producing a video with phone cam and an audio interface

The opensource app OBS offers a fairly straightforward means to produce a video that combines the benefits of better quality audio recorded through an audio interface while continuing to use a phone camera, which may be better quality than a webcam or integrated laptop camera, as well as maybe offering more flexibility to position the phone.

You can read about routing audio from an audio interface into OBS here: Using OBS with an Audio Interface on Windows for streaming to send to Zoom. For producing a video you can stop at the point where the audio is streamed to Zoom (useful for Community Open Mic events).

You use OBS Ninja to route video from the phone to OBS. This video explains how to do it.


Very cool, appreciate the sharing!

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Nice one! Yeah thats what i use is OBS! Great software!

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i have a small idea what you are talking about…when i have my own laptop again (they are very scarce and terribly expensive with the minimum requirements i have, i bought a guitar last week instead of :see_no_evil:… .)…I will gratefully use this…thanks

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