Alice in chains lessons

I would like justin to do some lessons off of the unplugged album , in my humble opinion , theyre far superior to nirvana , and justins pretty much covered all theyre unplugged album , I’m quite sure a lot of people on here would like some alice in chains aswell :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re after Alice in Chains lessons, look up Ryan Lendt on YouTube.

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Thanx :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Colin,
It is not desirable to create topics with song requests…there is a special page for that.
Or the you-tube option from JK, have fun with it.

Hi rogier , sorry about that, i wasn’t actually thinking when i posted , my comments could also have been somewhat inflammatory to some people on here , also didn’t realise there was a song request section .:+1:

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Hi Colin,

:grin:not so heavy man :wink:

I forgot some emotions above, then it often seems much too serious what I type.
You can’t know everything in a few weeks here (and longer), and you’re not the first (so I wanted to get ahead of more threads with these questions) and you’re certainly not the last :roll_eyes:,…
Friendly greetings :grin:

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