All About Suspended Chords

Sus Chords are awesome - they have a really cool sound and are useful for chord embellishments.

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“Hotel Supramonte” uses sus chords all over the song, a great piece from the Italian songwriter Fabrizio De André

“Behind Blue Eyes” by the Who is another good one…

Esus4, Dsus4, and Gsus4

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I saw someone on YouTube post a chord as part of a progression as follows


I saw another description of the same progression as this;


same thing, different way of describing??

I don’t think they are the same thing as sus chords have the 2nd or 4th degree instead of the 3rd, whereas add chords can have the 3rd.


Ok. I see what you mean. Thx!

Spot on @Jozsef
If there is no 3rd but there is a 2 or 4 then the name will include the sus part.
Sus is an abbreviation of suspended. The chord quality type (major or minor) is suspended, the lack of a 3rd means its character is unknown.

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