All About Travel Guitars

Let's review two great travel guitars and explore the best option for you - Wood or Carbon Fiber?

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I’ve been playing a lot recently and time off work is when I really have time to play.

Going abroad in August by air to somewhere hot (33 degrees centigrade). I know I will be awake at least two hours before the rest of the family stir. Ideal time to practice.

Clearly I cannot take my Martin D28 with me - it predecessor got destroyed by Air France - so I’ve been interested in journey instruments and am thinking of pushing the buy button on one of these.

Also the possibility of camping trip later in August with camp fires that spit and singe. Just thinking about bring my D28 to that environment gives me panic attacks.

I think I got t still lean toward the wood as the carbon fibre is so expensive and it sounds like I would enjoy the sound of the wood some more.

I’m having difficultly deciding what shape to get - there range as different variants “parlour”, “grand auditorium” and different woods.

I wonder what I’m going to feel happiest with as a long time player of a dreadnought?

But need the same sound in the smallest foot print possible.

Sorry to say. But im pretty sure you will never find a dreadnaught sound in any parlor sized guitar… and much less a D-28 sound :grin: Those sizes are pretty far from a dread sound.

The best one i have tried soundwise is a Yamaha CSF1M decent sound and a travel friendly size.

The Taylor mini and the little Martin were not close to the yamaha in my opinion.

Dont know anything about the carbon fibre though. Probably a neat thing for flying and such…

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