All Hail To The New Gods (Original) - The Comfortably Strange

Hi All,

Been sat on this a little while - but can only tinker for so long before you go mad, so here it is warts and all.
Thought about a “Na-na-na” or “La-la-la” type ending, but decided against it. Hey Jude or Hot Love it is not.
If memory serves (i’ve been messing with this song for a good while) the tv series, “Justified” was the original inspiration - and then it moved on from there.

It does feature some of my plonkety plonk piano playing - but still got guitars in there.
Katja sounding great.

Sorry it goes on a bit - but that’s what the fast forward button is for. :slight_smile:

All comments welcome.
Thanks for listening.

Digger and Katja.

All Hail To The New Gods

I’ve got no interest
In the holy light
Can’t find no dream
In a veil of white
I found your words
On the Devil’s bookshelf
Some call it faith
I see a path right down below

Sing, «Hallelujah»
Find your road to Paradise
I lost my free will
And I never thought twice

So give me a
Brother. Sister.
Got me singing on the telephone
Gave my heart
Now Brimstone
Oh, Bring me fire
Bring me fire
Well, Bring me fire
Bring me fire
All hail to the new Gods
All hail to the new Gods

I dress myself like
The dead of night
One hundred lifetimes
In a single mind
I took your body
And I drank of your wine
You took my sin
But it always will be mine


Bear witness
It’s a hollow crown
I’m free
I’m bound
I’ll go willing
To the lost and found
It’s here
It’s now
Sing, «Hallelujah»
Find your road to Paradise
I lost my free will
And I never thought twice
So give me a



Bravo, Digger and Katja, sounded great, thought-provoking, another fine production. Enjoyed the piano.

Very creative. You guys must be pleased with the result.

Wow that was terrific. Professional standard vocal, playing and production.
That could be released on the market. As is for an album track, trimmed a bit as a single.
Well done Digger and Katja! :clap::clap:

AVOYP is one area where the new ‘Community’ has lost some of its gravitas.
On the old forum a Comfortably Strange release would have received a ton of watches and a dozen comments within the first 24 hours of the ‘drop’.
A sign that time is limited and how the other areas have improved, but I still feel this is the heart of the Community and what gives me the most pleasure.
I listened when it popped up and again just now :smiley:
You guys remain my gold standard and your high level of songwriting coupled with performance and production is simply a joy to listen to.
Katja is… well, Katja.
One of these days I’m going to actually read the Bible and start harvesting all the fabulous imagery/stories for some seriously dark songs :sunglasses:
Who needs New Gods when there’s so much eating and drinking on the ones we already have?
Keep it up guys. Look forward to your next one already :smiley:

Well that was ridiculously good.

Wow! Still being a relative newbie here, I think this is the first time I’ve heard one of your productions. That was amazing! Also, both humbling and inspiring to me as a newcomer to song writing. Thank you both.

Hey Digger, I liked this so much that I opened a paid Sound Cloud account so I could download it, but it isn’t listed among your tracks there.

I absolutely agree Brian. I’m at the stage now when I’m going to have to ignore everything other than AVoYP. Such a shame as there is a load of good discussion, advice and banter in the other topics, but the number of posts now means it’s almost a full time job to keep up with everything. :smile:


Well @sairfingers took the words right out of my mouth. That was simply put “bloody fantastic all round”. I could just picture it with some thought provoking music video. Well done.

Sorry, I’d got it on private. It should let you download now.
You don’t have to have a paid account to download do you?
If so I could just send you an MP3 file.

I remember when I first started in the forum I tried to respond in different areas, but I couldn’t keep up. I’ve pretty much only ever operated in the AVOYP section since the first year.
I like to hear folk’s recordings at whatever stage in their journey - that’s what music’s all about for me.
The theory, etc., is too much like hard work. :slight_smile:
Always happy to share what bit’s i’ve picked up along the way though.

Glad you liked the tune. I hear it as an “album” track too.
I thought about trying to add a solo, but my playing isn’t really up to it - so i’d rather a decent song without one, than trying to take it to the next level and trash it.
A new song does have a bit of one though - but we’re trying to put together 4 or 5 songs as some kind of EP of tracks. (Got 2 so far - lol).

Thanks again.



Hi Digger and Katya,
Sweet mother of J…Well pick one…
That was again absolutely fantastic, really the very best entire original that has been posted here, although I am still quite behind in listening…Katja I hang on your lips (or speakers in this case) when you sing…
I could still type 30 sentences with superlatives but I’ll stop, you know yourself that it’s good.
:clap: :sunglasses: :rose: :bouquet:

Hi Roger,

Thanks for the kind words.
That was my reaction to Katja when I first heard her about 8 years ago now I think.
If memory serves she’d posted a cover of Lana Del Rey’s Video games - and i just thought wow.
Actually motivated me to try and learn to play better and start trying “production” so i could try and tempt her to do some recordings. 50 odd songs later here we are.
At that time I was strumming my trusty acoustic and “singing” myself.
There are still a few veterans here who were subjected to that - lol.

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OMG. This is so good. Can’t state that highly enough.

Get a music video done. Put it on youtube. Share on social media. Send it viral. Publish it to Spotify. Get a recording contract. This is a charting single. It’s so good.

This would not be out of place on some of the high rotation albums I listen to. Are you guys releasing an album, do you have a fan following on youtube or something? (I’m not kidding).

That was brilliant James and Katja!

Excellent playing and singing. You guys are are top notch. I really enjoy your songs. Bravo!!!


That was stunning and one of your best yet. Musically punchy, lyrically thought provoking and when Katja lets loose, divine. So good to see you raising the bar with every production and wonderful that you share it here.

I could not agree more with @brianlarsen comments and feel a little guilty of either not having the time to listen to everything anymore or join in many of the discussions. A few days off prepping for the family arrival and I find myself inundated with unread posts, feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. Guilty because with the family here now I can only cherry pick selected recordings, so go back to familiar ground. Then its guilty indulgence !

Keep doing what you are doing guys, as it is always a pleasure.



Hi Diggs,
This is really a nice song, nicely written and well produced! I enjoyed it to no end. You folks are so good together and have gotten to the near pro level. All that is missing is a big fat record contract!

Keep up the good vibe and all the best!


Thanks guys.

I seem to have more time on my hands these days, but somehow manifests itself in to me doing less. Think Covid gave me lazilitis.

Funny enough, we’ve put an album of tracks together. 6 or 7 we’ve posted already I think, but the other 3 are new. Katja is in the process of uploading them somewhere, so I’ll post a link when it’s all done.

Not sure about shooting videos - we’re both too shy, and I’m too old. 30 years ago maybe…



@Digger72 Digger and Katja, back for a third listen and you two just continue to floor me with your productions, and this one is no exception; a beautiful piece of music, so well played, sung and produced. That piano is certainly not the way you characterize it, Digger. Your productions are always top shelf. Katja’s vocals are always so captivating!
I totally agree with Brian and Gordon’s comments above.
If you have more that have been hanging around awhile, let 'em rip. Always a pleasure
And it’s hard to believe that, with the number of people on this site, this post has received so few comments. I guess it’s a sign of the times.