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From the strum pattern on the app, it’s a bit different, the app is 1 + a 2 + 3 e + 4 + and here Justin explains it as 1 + a 2 + 3 e + 4 + a in the video above. Can you please let me know which is correct?

Hello @vfetty and welcome to the community.

As a general rule, Justin’s song lessons in his video tutorials will show simple options for beginners, sometimes starting with the option of playing one down strum per bar, then developing to show how the same chords can be played with greater skills and techniques so that advancing beginners and intermediate players can play more like or exactly like the true rhythm played on the record.
His accuracy in transcribing and teaching these is superb.
The App strumming patterns are more generally designed to be accessible and perhaps slightly simplified.

The two patterns you show are almost identical apart from one extra strum on the video lesson (which makes it more difficult as it is right at the end of the bar, necessitating an ability to change chord for the next bar that bit faster.


Thank you Richard. Just realizing I never replied. Do you know what’s going on with the app, there are no more U2 songs and there was like eight or nine of them in there just the other day. I tend to dig when Justin has video instruction of the song and then the app has it too. That way the student can kind of get the general feel in rhythm without everything else. So having them both in conjunction are really good. I appreciate the teams hard work. Just wondering if the songs are removed forever from the app?

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Check here … Lessons & Songs App - JustinGuitar Community

Great lesson and worth adding to the notes for the sus chord lessons (I don’t recall seeing it there but I haven’t double-checked).

Just in case anyone else is trying to play along with the original recordings, they all seem to be tuned down a half-step (i.e. Ab rather than A, Db rather than D etc).

Yes, the original is tuned to Eb.


Just been learning this song and generally have no problem with picking up on the chords and strumming. But for some reason I just can not work out the 16th strumming pattern Justin talks about in the video.

Is there a strumming diagram for this bit


Somebody posted it above in this thread, but I will try to format it nicely:

1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a
D   D U D   D   D U D   D   D U

Thanks for that. Much Appreciated.