All in one amp recommendations for small band?

Looking for a portable all in one amp for our small church music group in our village church. Typically this is one person with acoustic guitar and singing, maybe an additional vocalist or something.
We use it for other things like playing music if we do some social event or want to play video with sound on our projector screen.

Previously we’ve been able to use an AER Domino which is wonderful but someone personal amp and they need it. These are gorgeous but way above what we need and cost £thousands.

I think we realistically need 4 inputs+aux as core features. It’s probably a similar need to loads of small gigs so I’d love to hear what others use and recommend?

So far I’d looked at the Laney AudioHub 150

I think one of the Fender Acoustasonic amps would fit your bill. There are two channels with separate controls, one for guitar and one for auxiliary input, like a mic. Very simple to operate, light weight. I have the Acoustasonic 40, and it’s plenty loud enough for your purposes.

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Thanks. I’ve not come across that range. I think 2 channels would unnecessarily limit us though - and don’t really want a separate mini mixer - do they do models with more inputs too?

Not that I’m aware of. When I was looking for an acoustic amp, I only saw amps with one guitar input and one xlr input.

You might look at all-in-one PA systems like the Fender Passport series, etc.

That’s the mid-tier “Event” version (375W, 7 channels). There’s also a entry level “Conference” version that’s lower priced and is 175W with 5 channels. (And a more expensive “Venue” version with higher wattage and more channels.)

Other companies have similar offerings, too.

I’ve got an AER Domino which has 4 channels and aux input. I bought it 2nd hand for about half of new price. The quality of the AER as compared to other acoustic amps really blew me away.

I did come across the Fender Passport Event and it looked interesting, but I couldn’t find much info on it. Might try again today for some reviews. Thanks.

The Domino 2 is beautiful, they’re just very pricey. You did well to get a bargain 2nd-hand, the person who lends us theirs says it is worth more than when he bought it new a decade ago. They’re really a pro performance acoustic amp I think - seems like overkill for us.

This could be an option, looks fairly impressive for what it costs.

Saw this at a guitar shop I visited today, it’s got 4 channels