All Over the Place

Any advice for someone that seems to be jumping all over the place & not sticking to one thing? One year on and I still struggle with C chord changes & have just started on the F !!!
I know I need to practice more, but I feel like I’m still very crap :laughing: As an adult learner I know I’m hard on myself, but shall I just keep plugging away? Any words of wisdom welcome. Thanks Claude

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Hi Claudia - can you play any songs all the way through? Perhaps set a goal of playing a song (or a new song if you already have some you can play) and just focus on the skills needed to get that done.


Cannot play one song all the way through! I know bits and pieces of many (again part of my jumping all over the place). That’s definitely a good idea, although it will be in plain strumming. Thank you :pray:

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Hi Claudia :pray:. If you learn C chord, it’s easy to play F Chord both are same shape.

At least if it’s not the F barre chord, Gagan :grin:.

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Hello Claude, just a short question - do you use the JG practice routines? They are essential to me to stay on track.
And I’m totally with @mathsjunky - learn whole songs. Easy ones for the beginning. But from start to end. That’s so rewarding, and the reason, why we are all learning guitar, aren’t we. I’ve made up a list of songs, I’d like to learn. Realistic songs, not dreamers :grin:. And I do my best to not get sidetracked too often when I hear another great one on the radio :innocent:.


Hi Nicole :blush:. If you learn F barre chord. You can play Hans Zimmer’s Interstellar :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star2:


Sounds like you need to map out a structured practice routine, that fits with where you are with Justin’s learning journey. I tend to set one up using a spreadsheet, as things like Justin’s up to date practice routines and Practice Assistant weren’t around when I first started but as Nicole said, they will keep you on track.

Plus learning songs with the chords and skills you have and those that include the new things you are working on.

Hope that helps.


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It is the F barre chord!! :rofl:

Yes I will. Just need to stay on point until a certain competency level before starting something else…… just needed to hear it :blush:

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I do. I’m moving on before I should. I know what I need to do, just don’t do it :crazy_face:

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That isn’t the hill that I would be willing to die on. Try the C/G fingering. It might be easier for you. Also, consider using a capo and move up a few frets with your open C shape, which will give you a shorter finger spread:

And play some songs, songs, songs!

Pick some level appropriate songs and learn what you need to learn to play them. Have fun. The song will help consolidate the skills without jumping around. It is about the songs, after all.

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HI Claude…let’s fact facts…guitar is hard…you have to work at least 1 hr every day or progress will be very slow. You need to have a set practice routine that focuses on those basics and stick to it until you achieve the practice goals.

Also, the “adult learner” excuse is just that. I started at 62, I’m now 64 (aka 2 years a student). I make progress every week…and there is absolutely nothing special about me.

Finally you must, you must bear down…again, it’s not easy, it takes work. Go do the work. (that’s a period at the end of the sentence).

No excuses…do the hard work…good luck!!!

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That’s the kick up the butt I needed, thank you :pray:

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If you feel your practice is "“all over the place”; why not work on some songs and build your practice around that?

let’s say 3 songs.
What do they need?
What chords?
A certain strummign pattern?
Perhaps a certain picking?

Make your practice serve your songs

When it ocmes to the F chord,
Practice that F shape but try it starting on fret 5 or 6 before trying it on fret 1
The frets are closer the mostly, the force oyu need to push don the strings is significantly less because you are closer to the middle of the string.

On fret 5 you’ll be playing an Amaj when doing that F shape.
Play and practice a simple song with a Amaj chord and replace the regular open A with that one.

If it has a Gmaj, do that shape on the 3rd fret for a G and replace the open G with this barred G on the 3rd fret

The “R”; the Root, move along with the note on the thickest string;
Play that on the first string; it’s an Fmaj
play it on the 3rd, it’s a Gmaj
Play it on the 5th, it’s an Amaj
Play it on the 6th, it’s a Bbmaj
Play it on the 7th, it’s a Bmaj

E Shape Barre Chord Grips |

There are other ways to practice that dreaded F, but on easier spots!


Thank you. Sometimes the solution just needs to be pointed out to you :blush:

Claude…I am also an older learner…owned a guitar for 30 years and did nothing. The most important two things I leant from Justin Guitar lessons ( I started with the paper book version) was write a practice schedule and use a kitchen timer to time it ( avoid phone in my view as it contains distractions ). Do a weekly schedule and on that schedule put “Change C to D” and write down the number you manage ( it does not have to be many…get them clear )…after a minute stop and go onto another scheduled task…even if it is going well. At the start, have a total schedule of about 15 mins broken down into tiny chunks ( e.g a scale, just fingering a difficult chord( (F)…each task 1 or 2 minutes on the timer and then stop and go onto another. Keep recording the results. After 1 to 2 weeks you will be amazed and how good your change to and from C become…as well as the other things you put on the schedule. The other important thing I leant is be very self aware…I practice in front of a mirror and constantly keep an eye on the wrist position …I am finally getting my fretting hand wrist flatter instead of “Hooked”…so, to summarise…you need…pen, paper, kitchen timer and a mirror !!!..and enjoy the journey…take the time to look around and smell the flowers…there is no rush!!!

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Also,just remembered another Justin Guitar nugget of truth…be aware the difference between “Practice” and “Playing”…they are not the same…at the start, 75% focus on practice is my advice…walk steady before starting to run !!!

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How long did it take you to get used to that? I tried it briefly but gave up as I found the reverse image confusing.