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I’m just about old enough to remember when this record was first released. Never thought I’d learn to play it. I’ve even managed to transcribe the solo part, though it does go way up the dusty end of the neck.

Unfortunately I well remember the record coming out. It was one of my girlfriend now wife’s favourite bands, they used to perform quite a lot in the NE of England and she knew some of the band members.

Hello Michael,
Are you writing this above because you are “old”?..or because of this?

:see_no_evil: :joy: :wink:

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Roger I am sad to say “old” is correct the number in my nondeplume gives the game away I am 68 nearly 69. Having said that got to see some great bands in 1970’s in small local venues before they all disappeared out to the big stadiums,


Ooooo,That wasn’t very smart of me :grin:

That is of course great,and more than great only :sunglasses: :sunglasses:…and don’t worry, you have only just retired when you are in the Netherlands…many years of fun are still ahead of you…I wish you in in any case many years or playing guitar :smiley:

Roger no problem have never been self conscious about my age. Since lockdown have been running 45 to50k a week, fitter than I was at 40.

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