All That Never Was - Original - The Comfortably Strange

Hi All,

Hope you’re all good. We’ve put together an “album” of tracks. Most have already been posted over the past year or so.

The new ones (I think) are:

Your Fire Can’t Burn Me Now - a ballad
Distorted Faith - erm… synthy/indie rock track?
Resurrection Superman - rock song

You should be able to find them on our Bandcamp page under All That Never Was.

This is our more “cheery” sounding set of songs - hence the yellow, sunny artwork.

Started working on some new stuff - heavier, and not so cheery. :slight_smile:
Thanks for checking out.
Any comments on which type of song best suits us?

All the best,

Digger & Katja.


All of the tracks were really good, but if I was pushed to give a preference it would have to be Where did it go, I just really liked the vibe of that track!
Great stuff as always! :+1::+1::+1:

So this is where The Strange have been hiding… Cool. Gotta say if the yellow indicates ‘happy, mellow bliss’, I am of differing opinion there. LOL :slight_smile:

I realize this was 6 months ago, but I missed it I think. I took in the whole organization and look of your album offerings. Very nicely done. That goes without saying the excellent, consistent mix job you have done too.

I spun up “Resurrection Superman”. Thinking this was going to be warm and cheery, I kicked back to some fairly dark sounding rock. Good stuff you two!

Amazing to me is the sheer volume of quality offerings you have here for all to sample. I wish you both well as you move forward!

All the best,

Hello Digger and Katja!
I listened to your album with great interest and pleasure. I went back to the beginning and listened to some songs again.
An excellent style, the peculiarity of which is gloomy lyrics, beautiful heavy music from Digger combined with Kajya’s divine vocals. Well, many people probably tell you this, nevertheless, it is true.
Perfect production, absolutely professional.
My rating of album 's songs is as follows:
3 - № 1,
2 - № 4,
1 - № 2.
Thank you so much for what you both are doing.
Keep on rocking,

Hi Leo,

Hope you’re good.
Thanks for checking out the later stuff. Seems ages since we recorded them. Thankfully we’re back up and recording - though doing a few covers for a change.