Aloha again from Hawaii

Hello everyone,

I live in Hawaii and I’ve been a student of Justin’s since 2013ish. Life keeps getting in the way and sidelining my guitar journey but I’m hoping this time it will stick. Glad to be back!


Good to see you Kevin. Think we all suffer ups and downs, in and outs on this journey. But hey at least you made it back. The new Community is pretty active and as helpful as ever. Make the most of everyone here.



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welcome back, good to hear you are back at it. it’s worth sticking to.

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Hey Kevin, keep with it my friend, smiles come with the guitar in your hands, even more with Justin as your guide :slightly_smiling_face:.
Best wishes!

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Hi Kevin,
Welcome here,
If you have been away for 2 years or longer, little is the same in my …forum has become community, many old lessons have had a makeover, a lot of lessons have been added … a lot,… no really a lot new people,…and the old forum members have now become much older community members :smile:
Wishing you lots of fun and good luck in the crowds,
Greetings ,Rogier

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Welcome back, Kevin.

As @roger_holland alluded to, over the last year or so, Justin has revamped what was the Beginner Course. As part of getting back into the swing of things I suggest starting from the first lessons of Module 1 again. You’ll find many new things to support the learning that add so much to the way it was before. You can power through the old as quickly as needs be to blow off cobwebs and enjoy the new, which may help you to stay the course.


Hello and welcome Kevin. :slight_smile:

Hopefully life will give you more free time and you can get back on track.

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