Alone in a Crowd

This is the first song I ever wrote, about 6 years back. I haven’t played it since getting a version recorded with bass, etc back then, until I decided to do a 1-take stripped back version a few weeks back just using my computer mic.

Not sure what feedback I’m after really. More the songwriting than the performance maybe. It’s a bit dark and angsty (which is one reason I haven’t come back to it).


That’s a very good first song John. It is a bit dark but I wouldn’t change that. To be honest I don’t think you need any songwriting advice as for me the song should come from within you as this one obviously does. When the words come from the heart (rather then something just fabricated) then it comes across in the performance and makes for a better experience for the listener. keep this as it is and be proud of what you have produced.

All sounded pretty good to me, John, playing, singing, and lyrics.

I see you’ve been around a while but don’t think you’ve posted an intro in Introduce yourself .... It’s customary though not obligatory to post a short intro with some personal background, guitar history, and your goals/aspirations as a JG student and Community member.

Sounded good to me, playing and singing. As a song I couldn’t criticize it but I don’t know much about songwriting but what I heard sounded good.

Ah, well I’ve been here since the old forum so I never thought to :slight_smile: Maybe I will - thanks.

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