Always on the Run Solo Cover - Lenny Kravitz/Slash

Hey all,

I am trying to hold myself to a new standard of playing in an effort to get better so I am starting to record solos that I am learning. Please let me know what you all think of this. I am playing both rhythm and lead behind a backing track:

Any advice or feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!!


Record at a higher level, can’t hear anything even with sound full up!

Thanks for pointing that out! Please refer to new link:

I appreciate your time!


Hello Rahul, and welcome to the community :hugs:.
That sounds really great, way above my playing level. So, I can’t offer any qualified feedback, but I enjoyed the listening :clap::+1:.
Maybe, you would also like to introduce yourself in the community hub-section :grinning:.


Hello Rahul and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

That was a sweet bit of playing but I’m like @NicoleKKB it’s way about my play level but did appreciate your playing.

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That’s excellent @redguitarist118 . I like a lot of Lenny’s stuff and that sounded as cool as. Really well done

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Thank you all for the comments! Appreciate the feedback and encouragement. Will definitely introduce myself in the community-hub section

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Welcome to the Community, Rahul, that sounded great. Above my playgrade to offer you any feedback.

When you do get to that Community intro (#community-hub:introduce-yourself) include a little personal background, guitar history, and goals as a Community member.

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