Am I being daft?

Thanks for the clarification Mark.
I was hoping I was misinterpreting.

I just didn’t want Zoe to think that starting on a acoustic is a improper way to start to learn to play guitar.

I love both acoustic and electric, I just don’t think of one being a more proper way to learn to play something on as opposed to the other. :slight_smile:

Now, if you’re trying to death metal music on your acoustic, I’m guessing that likely wouldn’t work so well. The electric would be most proper in that scenario.

Hence, have both (acoustic and electric) as your option. Play what sounds proper(ly). :wink:
Better yet, ya can chose which to play as to how your feeling on any particular day… I go back and forth myself.

fwiw, I don’t play death metal music (it was just a example)… I just can’t get the feel of it.

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Hey anything’s worth a go right? :wink::joy:

I’ve been doing the opposite - playing 12th century music on my metal guitar. Sounds good!

Hi Zoe,

I started this week on Beginner Grade 1, Module 1, just advanced today to Module 2 and I was having the same struggle of mind before I started. I ended up buying one of each (acoustic with steel strings) and I do not regret this choice.

I do all the lessons on my electric guitar and when it’s time to practice, I do a first round on my electric, then one round on my acoustic. The finger pain is real, but I’m starting to notice some improvement already, so YEAHY!!! :blush:


I’ve actually seen a youtube of someone playing metal music on a acoustic, well, maybe it was a electric w/o full (or any) distortion, I can’t remember. But whatever it was, I could actually get into what they were playing. Perhaps it’s the growling I can’t can’t get the feel of…

Way to go Michael! Can’t say I even know what 12th centruy music would sound like, but I can say that in the end, with music, anything goes. Music, imho, is the spice of life!
And that’s good imho.

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this is the song:

I play it fingerstyle with a clean tone close to acoustic. I may fiddle with that style as I improve.

Thank you all! I am definitely going to pick up an electric guitar to enhance my learning. Currently getting to grips with one minute chord changes - not going well so far (9 being my total - still lots of room for improvement). The finger pain is real, but all part of the journey so I don’t mind! :star_struck:


@sequences Oh my! Wondering if that’s not music before the 12 notes of modern music became the norm.
Not sure if that’ll help Zoe figure out if she wants a new electric guitar though. :wink:

You should share your guitar rendition of that on a new thread.
Guess that’s about how I’d have thought 12th century music would sound. To me, kinda like church music.
I can’t even imagin how’d ya play something like that on a guitar.
I’m kinda stuck in '65-'75 rock music…

Very enlightening. Thanks for the share.

Go for it Zoe! Electric guitar is a heap of fun. Having access to one will likely keep you inspired.
That finger pain will subside.
I’ve been at it for 3-4 years now and while my finger tips don’t hurt any more. I can still feel the tips of my fingers of my fretting hand compared to my strumming hand. Now, they just feel like, well, like I play guitar… :wink:

Great decision on getting a new electric imho.
Now, the next question is gonna be, what are ya gonna get? :slight_smile: The choices seem infinite these days… And of course you’ll need a amp too. There are gobs of choices there to…
Ah, the fun of playing guitar…

Wait until you start to do bends - that is what killed my fingers!

Bear in mind that the electric guitar is only part of the system. You need to research a little what you want to target for sound. The pickup style (HB vs single) makes some difference and the amp makes a strong difference. There are modeling amps that can cover a lot of sounds and that may be fun or too much to play with depending on your preference. Listen to comparisons online. I recommend using headphones for that to hear the little nuances. Ask here for plenty of opinions. :slight_smile:

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Which, besides being cheaper which was way important for now, I got a small 15 watt amp that has a power button, a lead/clean button and a treble and bass knob, oh and volume knob. Pretty much a set it and forget it setup!

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My personal take is the More the Merrier!!!
I purchased a “fat-fretboard” Classical just to aid in finger strength/stretching, only to discover that I really love the mellow sound of nylon strings!!! Even electric to electric of different types (Fender strat vs Gibson vs hollow-body etc) give radically different sounds and feel!!!
Go forth & explore - pick a day when you have plenty of time and have fun!!!
BTW - I used to be intimidated going to a music store because I don’t play well enough… get someone to help you out or ask other guitar players who come in for help/advice!
Good luck!!! :grin:


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That’s some good stuff, are you planning on singing, too?

lol, no! fighting cats are more pleasant than my voice. Shame too. I can remember lyrics without thinking about it and recall lyrics of a song I haven’t heard in 30 years.

That song is more of a lament, not sacred. It was written by King Richard the Lion-hearted when he was wasting away waiting for people to come up with the ransom asked for his return. He calls folks out by name in that song. :slight_smile:

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I like that old stuff, I’ve got a CD of Gregorian chants and lots of other classical stuff. On of these days I’ll get everything organized, but practice comes first!