Am I supposed to play with Capo?

Is the circled object in this photo telling me to play this practice video with a capo on the first fret?

There was no warning of this or anything telling me to do so and it is the first time I’ve seen this symbol in any of the videos.


no, you don’t need the capo there on the nut. I think it is simply placing the icon at the nut because the capo is not needed. I don’t have the app - in fact that looks pretty different from when I had it.

I would prefer as a user to just not see the icon if it is not used.

Eventually there is a lesson on using the capo. There may even be songs that do expect to use it. I think I remember one or two in the lineup.

Does the app now allow you to set a capo on the song to allow for wanting to use one? Maybe that is the reason it is there? Hopefully someone with the app can chime in.

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@sequences - yeah the capo symbol is/was confusing. I"m not using the app, I’m using the website and the Beginner songbook that I bought.

@sequences This is not in the app, it’s the song practice section in the practice routine.
@mayabossa I’ve asked myself the same question, but in the end, I don’t think it means you need a capo.


Thank you!