Amanda’s progress

Here are my videos that I have shared to my social media accounts. I apologize for the very amateur video recordings but I just have an iPhone to take videos on.


Hi Amanda, welcome to the community, I’m quite new to posting here myself.
Wow 5 great videos, and the recording quality is fine. Playing in time, good chord changes and you played all five songs very well. You should be proud. Fantastic.
I have been learning Bad moon rising, but I find it to fast and then I cant keep up with the song. JG strumming foundations is helping me with that.

Well done you. :clap: :clap:

I thought Bye Bye Love was fast at first. I started learning it around Valentine’s Day very very slowly. Then all of a sudden it clicked and I recorded my version of it on March 9. To be honest the only strumming rhythm I’m any good at is Old Faithful. That’s pretty much the strumming pattern I use in all the songs I play.

Good job

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Welcome Amanda! Great played. Nice strumming and nice chord changes.
Keep on rockin :metal:

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Hi Amanda. That was very good with nice chord changes and steady rhythm. We’ll done.

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:clap: :clap: :clap:
Bravo, Amanda, congrats on posting a first series of recordings. Lots to love, already highlighted by those that commented before me. Especially like that you are playing along to orginals.

So keep on keeping on!

As you progress, if you find the tempo is too fast to make changes then always better to slow down a little at first to master the changes and then speed up.

Although not playing related, I preferred the videos when you had the phone turned to landscape mode. I think seeing the you and the whole guitar will help you receive better feedback in future.


Hello Amanda, I listened only to the last two songs which are the ones I know…well done! Your Rhythm went along very nicely with the recordings! Loved to see this, thanks for sharing :star_struck::blush:

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You’ve picked some great songs there Amanda and made a good job of playing them. Great idea to play along with the originals. That really helps establish the timing.

You mentioned using ‘old faithful’ for all the songs. Yes it’s a one size fits almost all pattern but it becomes repetitive if you use it all the time.
Your next step is to introduce dome variation to your patterns and introduce some dynamics. By that I mean emphasise the the beat with a louder strum, perhaps play the the verse a bit more softly then louder for the chorus, that type of thing. You can also play a different pattern within the song for chorus/verse/bridge.

Well done.

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Amanda and a great selection of different songs there as well. Strumming and chord changes sound good. So everything is coming along nicely.

Like @sairfingers has said, time to start exploring those strumming patterns.

Nice job though.

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Hey Amanda. Sorry I’m just now meeting you. I enjoyed your songs. I’ve practiced a few of them too. You seem to be progressing very well. I went and looked at your Introduction. I have a friend like you. She only likes songs of the 70s, LOL! Anyway, nice to meet you and hope to hear more from you!

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Nice natural rhythm. That’s a special talent. I find some
Common strumming patterns to be robotic. You are putting some Amanda into the song.
Nice job.
Isn’t Last Kiss a fun song! Sad but fun.
If you haven’t already, listen to Post Malone do a cover of this Pearl Jam cover. He rocks it!

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Hi Amanda, all songs sounded good to me with steady rhythm. I’ve practiced Old Faithful but I haven’t used it for any song yet. I’m planning to use it when I revisit Don’t Be Cruel.

Nice job Amanda!
I really like Bad Moon & Hound Dog. I think of all the songs, possibly Bad Moon was the best.

Keep up the good work and carry on!

Just getting round to watching these. Great stuff and nice song choices. Well played :clap: :v:

Hi Amanda and welcome to the Community.

What a nice way to start your recording journey. Good selection of songs, all solidly played, so you are creating a good foundation. Lots of advice offered so far, so I won’t repeat what has already been said but making good progress.


I had a listen to a couple and it sounds like you’re progressing nicely. Well done.